Important Tips To Improve your B2B Telemarketing Results

Let’s face it, when most of us think about telemarketing we think of those annoying calls made to someone who hasn’t lived at your apartment for almost 8 years or by someone who appears to be trying to sell pedigree for a dog that you don’t own and have no planning to own in the forthcoming time. Effective b2b telemarketing tips couldn’t be different from telemarketing practice. If you want to improve your business results, the topmost priority is to ensure that your telemarketing team should not consider themselves in the same industry as the unwanted B2C callers mentioned above. It is the time better use your b2b data lists in order to bring enthusiasm in your department with some proven telemarketing tips:

  1. Make sure that your team understand their value: A well-researched and well-planned b2b telemarketing is one of the most effective marketing a company can implement, and it is widely welcomed by other businesses across different domains. In a recent UK based survey of 200 business managers, telesales calls at work were voted one of the least annoying types of advertising (polling 4%), while 90% of marketing evangelists said that b2b telemarketing was either effective, or very effective, marketing technique for their business.
  2. Ensure b2b contact lists is free from redundancy: Most of the time, companies purchase a canned lists of contacts for calling. This canned list comprised of many discrepancies and require modification. Updating your b2b contact list and removing all outdated contacts is the best way to obtain lucrative business leads. Don’t underestimate the value of clean, up-to-date, targeted b2b marketing data because it is tailored according to your business requirement. Always use up-to-date contact lists to obtain the ample of opportunities.
  3. Develop realistic goals: Define clear objectives for your telemarketing campaign and structure the b2b telemarketing campaign accordingly. In b2b telemarketing companies, skilled telemarketing agents engage business clients, set appointments, and arrange meeting to convert them into lucrative business deal. Take follow-up with the potential business prospects and persuade them to convert into qualified leads.
  4. Understand that good b2b telemarketing lead takes time: According to the analysis of 29,000 UK based b2b telemarketing calls, it has been found that it took an average of 80 calls to nurture a lead and then getting a sales opportunity. Success rates may vary extensively depending on the industry type. So, analyse your telemarketing team’s call conversion rates to set future based goals and manage expectations.
  5. Integrate other options into your telemarketing strategy: Don’t just entirely depend on your b2b telemarketing campaign, integrate multi-channel communication options to achieve the goals. In this customer-centric era, it is imperative to focus on customer preferences to make them happy and satisfied. Today, customer prefer different platforms including web chat, IM, voice and email to contact business. Having telemarketing agents available across different channels is the best way to strengthen your business and grow the sales continuously.
  6. Outsource: Nearly two thirds of a b2b buyer’s journey occurred independently through sales interaction, while in-house sales teams only follow up on 20% of leads– according to Sirius Decisions. So, the better way to utilize the resources is to outsource b2b telemarketing services to a reliable third party vendor. Outsourcing your telemarketing services can free up the valuable time of your in-house sales team, and help to ensure that no leads get damaged.
  7. Give your team with the freedom to innovate: It is important to give your team a growing and learning work environment wherein they can nurture and become more productive. Give your team a set of key points to cover in each interaction with the prospect. This allows them to adapt the pitch as they seem the most befitting.  Micro-managing your team’s conversations can restrict them to build an impression with prospects. This can lead to the wrong perception in the mind of your audience that your company lacks in establishing a personal touch.
  8. Knowledge is the utmost priority: It is quite imperative to arm your team with the clear, concise information about the product or campaign that they are promoting. Just as you go through the client profile, business niche and competitors before heading for the meeting, so your telemarketing team should be well-versed with every new prospect they approach. Always make sure that your b2b data is detailed enough to provide you this information.

In overall, plan your b2b telemarketing campaign meticulously, set realistic goals and encourage your team to build personal touch with your target prospects. You can opt excellent b2b telemarketing services to increase business sales.

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