Medical Service Help For Colon Surgery In India

Medical Service Help For Colon Surgery In India

Everyone gets some problem in life. Some of us have health concerns that need medical help. The way forward is to get the services of a medical service provider. You have many top-notch medical service providers in India, and you can choose from any one of them for your medical treatment.

Risk of colon cancer

One of the common complaints is colon cancer.  About quarter of the people above the age of 50 years will have colon cancer. The risk lies between 15-20% if they have a family history of cancer. The chance that they will develop ulcerative colitis or familial adenomatous polyposis is 1%. The chance of getting hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer is 3-8%.

Surgery is the most common cure for the ailment. You can do the colon cancer surgery in India at very cheap rates compared to foreign countries. Contact one of the medical service providers to get the details. You must get admitted to a good hospital immediately. When the cancer is only stage 0 or stage 1, they use colonoscopy. A long flexible tube with a camera goes inside through the rectum. If done this way, there is no need to cut into the abdomen of the person.

Doing the polypectomy

For polypectomy, we see cancer growing like a mushroom. They cut the stalk of this mushroom by passing a wire loop around the stalk. If cancer has spread to the nearby tissues, they will do a local excision. They do the colectomy to remove all or a part of the colon. Any attached lymph nodes are also removed.

Today, all the service providers offer many solutions for the treatment at the specialty hospitals. They offer a free expert medical opinion if the family of the patient needs it. They give 24×7 help to the patient at the verified and accredited hospitals. This way, you get the best colon cancer treatment in India if you need it.

Methods of colectomy

When you remove the entire colon, we call it total colectomy. In most cases, you will not need this procedure. You need it only if the patient has hundreds of polyps or remains affected by inflammatory bowel disease. You can do colectomy in two ways.

  • Open colectomy
  • Laparoscopic-assisted colectomy

To do the open colectomy, the surgeon will make on single incision in the abdomen region. For the second method, they use a laparoscope to see inside and make the needed cuts. The laparoscope has a camera that allows the surgeon to see. They will insert special instruments through small incisions to assist in the surgery. These incisions are small and so the patients will recover faster compared to the regular open colectomy.

Colectomy is a major surgery. When the colon remains blocked because the tumour is large, the physician will tell that they place a stent in the colon. This will remain until they perform the surgery. It helps to keep the colon open. When the surgeon cannot place the stent or there is a hole in the colon, then they must perform the surgery immediately.

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