Know The Lifestyle After Liver Transplantation

Know The Lifestyle After Liver Transplantation

You might have undergone liver transplantation for various reasons ranging from carelessness, or ill health of liver from childhood. However, you must now exercise caution to protect your liver after transplantation. Especially as kids it is essential to know how to handle liver health as mismanagement will lead to a potential risk to health.

Few Inputs To Follow For Managing Liver After Transplantation 

By now you will know the cost of liver transplant in India as you underwent one and its time to take care of your health. You can also read this if you want to educate your child about the same.

  1. Strictly No to Toxins : The transplanted liver is sensitive than before because it needs to settle in the body. It cannot take chemicals in any form. Therefore strictly avoiding alcohol of any kind is the best way to provide support to the liver. Better not drink aerated drinks as well.
  1. Exposure to Chemicals : Not only drinking liquor harms the liver, but even getting exposed to chemicals like paint, pesticides, etc. will irritate the liver health. The transplanted organ will take time to settle with the body and hence it cannot purify blood efficiently. These chemicals will make the liver work more than its capacity and will weaken its performance in the long run. Remember this and take rest post-transplantation. You need not stop doing any work but understand that you’re prone to infection than before.
  1. Check and Drink Water : Water with chlorine will irritate liver, and you must make sure to drink filtered unchlorinated water. Alternatively, boil water until it rolls and then drinks that after cooling. You can also try to avoid chlorine altogether by not drinking such water for sometime post-transplantation.
  1. Medicines : Do not take any medicine that will harm your liver. Only take tablets given by the doctor. Never take painkillers as they kill not only the pain but also your liver function.
  1. Avoid Infection of all Forms : Do not inhale in a dirty environment make sure you get fresh air. Pet lovers beware as they may harm your system and you must not entertain staying close to the pest. Kids must be educated on this point as they might be playful about getting infected.  Adults can ensure wash hands after touching pets. Cats are considered very harmful. Do not go close to sick animals as they are detrimental to the liver transplanted body.
  1. Travel : After a liver transplantation trauma if you can go for a trip, then nothing like that. But remember to be careful and know what you eat and drink to protect your liver. You can travel to a place that is serene, fresh, and free from all pollution.

In summary, you need to be careful and also remember If you are a woman, then do not get pregnant after liver transplantation. Wait for a minimum of 2 years, and then you can have a healthy baby. It is only for some time you need to be careful, and then you can resume back to everyday lifestyle.

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