8 Facts Everyone Should Know About Teeth Whitening

8 Facts Everyone Should Know About Teeth Whitening

A beautiful smile adds up to the overall personality of the individual and the same is achieved by a beautiful set of teeth. A major issue that most of the individuals face when it comes to teeth issues is the discoloration of the teeth which can be revived by the process of teeth whitening. Some of the important facts about teeth whitening are mentioned below.

It does not damage your teeth

Unlike most of the teeth cleaning procedures like aggressive brushing of the teeth, teeth whitening is completely safe and does not damage teeth in any form. Soon after each of the whitening session, the teeth gets rehydrated on its own.

Custom fitted whitening trays $500

A lot of people usually have doubts regarding the price of the custom fitted whitening trays and the approximate price of the same is somewhere around $500 and the hike in the price is all due to the efforts that are most of the dentists put in for the same.

Teeth whitening using UV or laser light are completely temporary

Although, the methods of whitening the teeth using ultraviolet rays is faster in comparison to all other methods of whitening but the same is temporary and can be faded quite soon. The fact that teeth whitening using both of these methods can be quite expensive and therefore, it should stay which isn’t the case.

Both veneers and caps cannot be whitened

Artificial caps are inserted according to the color of the teeth at the time of installment and therefore, the color remains the same throughout. While getting teeth whitened you cannot get your veneers or the caps whitened or stained in any way.

Not every person can have pure white teeth

More than anything else the color of the teeth depends upon the genes and the teeth set with which the individual was born. Teeth whitening undoubtedly removes all the stains accumulated on your teeth and can enhance the color of the teeth but cannot make your teeth completely white if they were never like that from the very beginning.

It is normal to have sensitivity after teeth whitening

A lot of people complain having sensitivity in their teeth soon after getting teeth whitening done. This is a very common phenomenon and almost more than 60% of americans have observed sensitivity after getting teeth whitening.

Teeth stains cannot be removed overnight

For almost every process, it is important to consider the time that would be required to complete it. It is very important to stay patient and and understand that nothing proceeds overnight. Same is the case with teeth whitening, it takes a bit of time too but, once the process is complete, the teeth set is all white and shining.

These are some of the most lesser known facts about teeth whitening. Dental care is a very important aspect and must be taken care of with proper attention. Teeth whitening is the first and a great step towards healthy teeth.

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