What Makes A Great Cocktail?

What Makes A Great Cocktail?

The search for a great cocktail will likely lead you to the best cocktails bar in East Cobb, Georgia. High end, crafted cocktails have taken the restaurant and bar world by storm. New cocktails are being created every day while traditional drinks are reinvented. There are a few things all great cocktails have in common, and here are three examples of great cocktail elements that together make you lick your lips.

Fresh Ingredients

A cocktail can only be as good as its ingredients. That being said, fresh ingredients like seasonal fruits and vegetables, can make for a killer cocktail. A great example of this is freshly squeezed fruit juice that can be used as a mixer. Orange, cranberry, grapefruit, lemon, and lime are just a few types of fruit juices that can be used in great cocktail creation. They immediately bring a freshness to the drink that just can’t be replicated by soda or a juice concentrate.

Unique Garnish

What’s better than a little treat to nibble on while you sip? Garnishes have come so far since the days of a simple orange slice or maraschino cherry. Today’s great cocktail has a garnish that not only compliments the drink but tastes good too! The options for garnishes go as far as your imagination. A Bloody Mary is the perfect template for a creative garnish. Picture a hot bacon strip, mini dill pickle, and a few potato chips all on the rim of your drink served to you at the best brunch in East Cobb, Georgia.

Easy Sipping

Sure, we want our cocktails to be strong, but we also want them to taste fantastic. A quality cocktail will be mixed in a way that blends the spirit and mixer, creating a smooth drink for the sipper. Even cocktails that feature a little bit of spice, or some extra sugar, should still be easy to drink. If you try a new drink recipe and wouldn’t order a second one out at a bar, it needs to be easier to sip. Try a splash of soda water to tone down the sweetness, or a twist of lime to combat spice.

Combining all three of these elements can make for a crowd-favorite cocktail. Surely the best cocktails bar in East Cobb, Georgia will be able to serve up some mouth-watering, thirst-quenching cocktails for any occasion from brunch to happy hour.

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