People Who Are High On Sarcasm Often Ends Up Offending Others

People Who Are High On Sarcasm Often Ends Up Offending Others

Are you always high on sarcasm? Do you often pass on sarcastic comments? Is your sense of humor continually on fire? Great! You have qualified all the levels to piss people off, literally! We get to see decidedly fewer people these days that understand the higher forms of sarcasm and do not get offended quickly; otherwise, the world is full of people who feel insulted when others take a sarcastic dig at them.

No, it doesn’t mean that they don’t understand the humor or do not enjoy it; they do, only when the joke is upon others and not on themselves. But we should also master the art of healthy living by having control over our sarcasm as anything in excess brings about unhealthy relationships with our peers.

There is a difference between sarcasm and mockery!

Well, it is evident that nobody loves being mocked by others and it stands true for almost all of us. We usually get offended if someone taunts us or mocks us regarding anything; be it our looks, marks, career, life partner choice or anything else that matters. And getting hurt is justifiable too as people do not know what we are going through in our lives to survive our day to day troubles.

But, when it comes to sarcasm, it is far different than mockery. And the ones who understand this difference are the ones who don’t get offended by this. When we mock people, we usually pick their weak points and make them feel bad, but in case of sarcasm with a pure intention, it is only targeted to make people laugh or make a situation lighter.

It is not intended to harm anybody’s feelings or make them feel sad about their condition. Thus, we all must be able to differentiate between healthy sarcasm and targeted mockery, to not get offended by them.

The final take

The healthy lifestyle habits teaches us the values and morals of life where we should respect the feelings of others and never hurt their sentiments. Sometimes even if we do not want to be intentionally harsh to people, they think we are rude to them because they do not understand our humor.

People with higher intelligence level are often blessed with an even higher sense of humor, and they manage to find the wittiness in even the worst of situations. This habit of them is not always welcomed wholeheartedly by some sections of the society as they take it personally and feels insulted.

These days social media trolls are doing the rounds massively, and it is mainly targeted at people or situations which are generally funny.

Through these kinds of platforms, the mentalities of a broader section of the society have changed to an optimum level, and they can judge which form of sarcasm is done intentionally to hurt other people’s sentiments and which are casually targeted to increase the funniness out of a situation. Nonetheless, we all must be careful enough with the limits of being sarcastic as we would not want our loved ones to get pissed off with us.

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