How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers Like A Pro

Are you looking for some help with your wedding flowers?

You’ll want your wedding flowers to be fresh and beautiful, and so does your florist. Here are a few tips to make that happen.

What’s the very first thing you should consider?

Your Wedding Budget

Determine how much you will be spending in advance and discuss that with your florist. Prioritising flowers into “must have” and “nice to have” is a great way. For example, the flowers you want for your wedding party and the flowers which would be nice to have for every table. This will allow your florist to choose types and quantity of blooms wisely.


Your Wedding Theme

Flowers like Gerbera bouquets wouldn’t work good with a vintage theme but they really work well for modern, contemporary weddings. Gypsophelia, peonies, David Austin roses and carnations are very much suited to vintage-style weddings.

Though roses are the most common wedding flowers associated with love and passion, there are some other flowers which have different meanings. Lily of the Valley is a flower which are associated with purity and sweetness, Sweet pea flowers symbolise departure — a bride is leaving one life behind to begin a new one with her husband. Flowers like marigolds mean cruelty, grief and jealousy, so try to avoid them. You can easily have the online flower delivery for these flowers.

How To Choose Your Wedding Flowers Like A Pro

Personalise Your Bouquet

There are many ideas you can customize your wedding bouquet to give it a personal touch. Incorporating flowers that hold special meaning to both bride and groom makes a special feeling. You can also involve the family members; for example, if you have a broach passed down from your grandmother, attach it to the ribbon on your bouquet, or if your mother’s an avid gardener, incorporate her freshly cut flowers.

Choosing Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers never die, wilt or fade if they are stored in an acid-free location, away from strong smells and sunlight. You have an option to sell your artificial flowers after the wedding to recoup some of the costs. If you don’t want to keep them, hiring artificial flowers is also a good money-saving option.

How does your wedding dress affect your floral choices?

The bridal bouquet is an ultimate wedding accessory and should compliment, and not overpower, your wedding dress. The golden rule says, the bigger the dress, the bigger the bouquet should be; whereas a simple and elegant dress looks great with a single stem of lily, whereas a full, detailed wedding dress suits a bigger bouquet with mixed flowers.

When it comes to colour, stunning combination of white matches your dress with contrasting green leaves. For off-white dresses, peach, orange and pinks are fabulous choices. You should also consider how you want your bridal bouquet to look in your wedding photos; considering everything white or ivory bouquets may look stunning, but without additional colours they won’t stand out boldly against a white or ivory wedding gown.

Bonus Tips For Brides

For brides, it’s always good if they spend a few hours at various flowers shops in the local market and explore a vast selection of flowers. The floral shops often allow couples to see and smell flowers which they may not even know exist, as well as you can also explore a wide collection of ribbon and accessories such as feathers and faux pearl accents, if you want a bit of bling.

On your wedding day, spray a small amount of the perfume you are wearing onto your silk flowers for a lovely scent.

Visit a good designer, trusting your own intuition and research; a good floral artist is the one who understands that every bride is as individual and unique as the dress they wear.

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