Top 10 Highly Creative Cafe Interior Design From All Around The World

creative cafe interior design

Coffee and Friends is a perfect blend. Cafes are the new trendsetter, Whether young or old everyone gathers at the coffee shop. Coffee is not just a beverage it’s a religion, people follow it, feel it, embrace it. A perfect coffee followed by a mesmerizing soothing environment will touch one’s soul.

And seeing the craze for coffee, cafe owners have left no stone unturned to make sure that the customers visit again. We have listed modern cafe interior design from all around the world that are so amazing you won’t be able to take your eyes off.

10. G&B Coffee, LA

Top 10 Highly Creative Cafe Interior Design From All Around The World

When Kyle & Charles step out, they never knew that their coffee shop will be one of the best coffee shops in the world. G&B is honored with titles like “World’s Five Best Coffee Bars”, “Coffeebar of the Year”, “United States Barista Champion” and more. G&B Coffee provides bar style service where people don’t have to line up.

9. C Corner Cafe, Poland

An Elegant, bright cafe with minimal design designed by Paulina czuark design studio, where a wall covered with 2700+ ceramic cups is the main attraction.

8. Intelligentsia, Chicago

The cafe name may be a little hard, so is their coffee. The cafe has a contemporary design with sculptural seating blocks colored in Bold orange, white and black palette. The trio color combo is the sight to see. Bold and Elegant are the two well-suited words.

7. Curators Coffee Gallery, London

The London based cafe designed uniquely with hexagons and woods placed in a well-sophisticated manner. Where hexagons provide a modern touch, woods give it traditional aspect.

6. The Butcher’s Daughter, NYC

Roll your eyes around all you will see is iron rails, hooks, reclaimed wood, concrete floors. The cafe uses an industrial theme followed by a butchers shop, painted in soft colors and with many green plants around.

5. Caffe Streets, Chicago

From top to bottom all you can see is marbled bamboo plywood. The ear-shaped ceiling overlapped design is a sight to see but be careful not hurt your neck. Caffe streets surely know how to make their customer stay in the cafe.

4. Walter’s Coffee Roastery, Istanbul

And If you are a Breaking Bad fan then you must visit this place. The walls, counter, barista’s dressing is all inspired by the TV Show. Employees working in yellow jumpsuits, you will feel like you are on sets of Breaking Bad

3. Caffè Ridola, Italy

This Italian cafe a mix of Old and Young, Keeping the designs minimum. The Cafe is decorated with modern street style decor. This old building with a touch of modern looks absolutely nothing but Classy.

2. Fuglen, Japan

The retro style cafe crafted with rich woods, with shelves adding the beauty of the wall. And the lounge covered in black leather seats gives a relaxing cool vibe. All you need is a cup of espresso and a book to relax.

1. Noorderparkbar, Amsterdam

Made like a Black box in the middle of a public park. This black box is sure to attract customers with its looks, The sitting space may be small but it has a lot to offer. Grab a cup of coffee, sit on a bench under a tree. And appreciate the beauty of cafe while sipping your coffee.

With these highly crafted interiors of the cafe, you won’t be able to resist yourself by visiting them way much early as possible as these cafes are counted under finest hanging out places across the globe, however, listed here at Architectures Ideas. So gather your gang and let your party begin.

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