Best Bike Helmets For Adults

Best Bike Helmets For Adults

We are increasingly aware of everything related to our security. We have seen it a few years ago, with the proliferation of “airbags” in our cars or with the widespread use of seat belts; and we can also see it in sports and leisure areas, such as the use of bike helmets every time we use these practical two-wheelers.

Buying bicycle helmets is something that should not be taken lightly, since what is at stake is our own safety. Therefore, before deciding which bicycle helmet to buy, you should assess a number of aspects that will determine which bicycle helmet is best for you.

The helmet is a very safe element, but always that it is properly placed in our head. And so that it remains in its correct position, it must have some straps or straps, with which we will secure it to our head.

The most common design of these closure straps is that which has two “Y” shaped elements around our ears, and which are joined under the chin by means of an anchor clamp.

Moreover, the aspects which we have eluded are quite simple and easy to understand, and all of them, of vital importance for the bicycle helmets to fulfill their mission, which is none other than to protect our head from blows and falls from the best stunt scooters. The best bike helmets for adults are as follows:

Uvex Boss Race Bike Helmet

The first best helmet that has caught our attention is the Uvex Boss Race Bicycle Helmet, a model of mid-high range, whose main attractions are its solidity, lightness and ventilation.

But let’s know, more in depth, all the characteristics of this great cycling helmet:

  • Double mold system, which is characterized by its ventilation, lightness, strength and safety.
  • Practical closure system, with padded protection under the chin for comfort.
  • Manufactured 100% with polystyrene.
  • It has the IAS 3D + adjustment system, to optimally adjust the height and position of the helmet.
  • Progressive strap for a better fit around the chin.
  • It has a mesh in the ventilation holes, to prevent insects or small particles from obstructing them.

Bike Helmet MTB Queshark

Now we are going with the Queshark MTB Bicycle Helmet , a model that is committed to maximum lightness, but without neglecting its main function, which is other than protecting the cyclist’s head against possible blows or falls.

  • Adjustable carving helmet (between 57 and 63 cm.).
  • Materials: PC + EPS Bubble.
  • Its design is committed to good aerodynamics, while allowing proper ventilation.
  • Little weight, thanks to its manufacture with ultra light materials.
  • The internal pad is breathable and provides great comfort to the user.
  • Adjustable side straps
  • Unisex helmet for biciceta.

We can say, without too much fear of making mistakes, that we are facing one of the best exponents among bike helmets with good value for money.

Road Bike Helmet Scott Thrasher

It is the turn of the Scott Thrasher Road Bicycle Helmet, a model that is located in the segment of economic bicycle helmets, but which, nevertheless, offers good benefits.

Let’s see now the main qualities of this super helmet for road bike:

  • Adjustable bike helmet (between 56 and 62 cm. Adjustable by a wheel).
  • LED light on the back of the helmet, to be visible to traffic coming from behind.
  • It has 22 ventilation holes to expel hot air and bring fresh air.
  • Soft and removable inner lining, which is comfortable to use and easy to clean.
  • Fixation strap on the adjustable length jaw.
  • Orifices with mosquito net, to prevent the entry of insects and small particles.
  • Made with resistant and light materials.
  • Available in various colors (blue, white, black, pink and yellow).

In short, one of the most recommended economic bicycle helmets that can be found in stores today.

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