Basic & Important Checks For Your Car To Keep It In a Good Condition

Your car gets you safely wherever you want to go, but it also requires a good care to be taken. You should get it examined by all means at regular intervals. Each part of your vehicle needs your attention and care to keep it in a good condition. Keeping the vehicle in a good condition makes sure that your journey is hassle-free.

It is very important that before you undertake your road trip, make a prior planning and get your vehicle examined for any faults.

Here, we shall see some of the basic, yet important checks your car need to have before it rolls on the road.

The Oil

The oil is one of the most important things in your car. It keeps everything running smoothly. Also, it is essential that your vehicle should contain the right level of oil. You can check this even by yourself by pulling out the dipstick and checking where the oil level is. It is crucial to changing your car oil at regular intervals as recommended by the manufacturer or your mechanic. Changing the oil is one of the most basic maintenance checks your car needs to have on a regular basis, whether you go on a trip or not. Moreover, along with changing the oil, it is also important that you should check for any oil leakage, which, if not checked, can cause big accidents in future.

The Brakes

It is better to get your brakes checked before you get that screeching sound, which indicates that your brake pads are getting old. When you are regularly checking your brakes, your safety on the road is ensured. It is natural that you depend on your brakes to stop your car and prevent an accident. Hence, you should never take them for granted. It is advisable that you should have a pro check your brakes as part of regular maintenance.

The Tire Pressure

To give your tires a regular check you can have a tire pressure gauge, and it is an affordable tool. It can conveniently prevent a flat tire or worse. Generally, improperly inflated tires can cause blowouts that lead to accidents. They can make your journey rough and leave you without any means of repairing them on the side of the road. Moreover, the wrong level of inflation can adversely affect your fuel efficiency. Hence, it is very important to check them regularly and be aware of the right pressure changes based on the outside temperature. It is advisable that you check with the manufacturer for the right pressure.

The Alignment

It is noticeable if your alignment is getting bad. Therefore, it is a good idea to have it checked regularly, as it affects the way your car handles on the road. It is advisable that you get your alignment adjusted as needed to ensure that your car will steer and react the way you want it. Especially, it makes a difference when you need to move quickly and accordingly you move your steering in your desired direction.

The Power Steering Fluid

It is very important to check your power steering fluid and you will know its significance only if you have driven a car without a power steering. Without this fluid, your power steering may fail, and it may become difficult to control your car. Just like your oil, you can even check this fluid by yourself and refill it. Make it a habit to do so.

The Air Filter

The air filter is another most important part of the car to be checked on a regular basis. A clogged air filter will affect your fuel consumption, making you cost more, and is bad for the car as well. When your air filter has troubles, your car will consume more fuel, which will increase your fuel expense. Therefore, it is vital that you check your air filter at regular intervals just like your basic car maintenance. Most places will check it for you when they change your oil free of charge.

The Coolant

The coolant plays an important role in running the car smoothly, especially in winters. Therefore, you have to better check for the antifreeze in your car to ensure its smooth functioning on the road. We all know cold temperatures are hard on your car, and so, coolant is an important fluid to be checked on your car. Moreover, to keep your car running smoothly relies on the right levels of the fluids it needs.

The Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid, just like other fluids, plays an important role in the smooth functioning of your car. You will never want to experience your transmission falling while driving. It is, therefore, important that you make sure your car can shift smoothly and you have the control of it all the times.

The Tire Tread

You should know that it is not just the pressure in the tires that matters, but they also depend on the tread to give you traction on the road. The tire tread is very important, especially, in slippery conditions. For this, you can look for signs of wear, bulges or old lumps in your tires that indicate a problem. Low tread or bulges in the tires can lead to slipping or a blowout on the road, which can result in an accident.

Check All The Lights

It goes without saying that all the lights of your car/vehicle are equally important and should be checked regularly. If any of them is not working properly, it can be dangerous. Therefore, make sure to check your turn signals, brake lights, reverse lights and of course your headlights on a regular basis.

Keeping your car in a good condition is beneficial by all means. Also, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

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