Hallmarking Pieces Of Precious Metals – How To Buy The Authentic Pieces And Avoid Fraud

Hallmarking Pieces Of Precious Metals - How To Buy The Authentic Pieces And Avoid Fraud

From the Egyptian and Romanian era, hallmark on the jewellery pieces have become quite common way of representing the purity of the jewellery pieces. It was actually the best way of making sure to people that they are investing in some genuine precious metal products.

Kalyan Jewellers is one of the reputed jewellery designers and sellers in India. The hallmark symbol on the jewellery pieces represents the trademark and quality mark of the manufacturer and this reputed name makes sure that their hallmark is etched only on such jewellery pieces, which are personally subjected to different levels of certifications.

Finding the Genuine Jewellery Pieces

People usually end up with buying such products that are not worth as much as their price tag says so. The fraud jewellers make use of very less percentage of gold metal in their products and sell their products at the same amount as that of the pure quality jewellery products. Hence, it is strongly suggested for the buyers to give importance to some factors before buying any jewellery piece.

  • Hallmarking and Hallmarks

In India, the jewellery products will be etched with the BIS Hallmarking System. This is an ISO recognised symbol and etching it on any random jewellery pieces might put the person in charge of designing it and the jewellery shop selling it in jail. Hence, the symbol cannot be misused from some random jewellery designing company, and this mark can be of great help for you, while buying any piece of jewellery.

Kalyan Jewellers online shopping will offer you only such products that are etched with BIS Hallmarking System. Look thoroughly and find the ideal pieces for you or your dear ones from the webpage.

  • Types of BIS Hallmarking Symbols

The types of BIS Hallmarking Symbols that are usually found on the authentic jewellery pieces will be of different shapes and are listed below.

  1. Assaying centre mark
  2. BIS triangular mark
  3. Jewellers identity mark
  4. Fineness of purity mark
  5. Year in which the jewellery pieces were marked represented through Alphabets. For instance, the jewellery piece that is designed in the year 2000 will be etched with the mark A.

Here are some of the standard numbers that are used for representing the karats in the gold jewellery pieces.

  1. 375 to 9k
  2. 958 to 23k
  3. 585 to 14k
  4. 916 to 22k
  5. 750 to 18k
  6. 875 to 21k
  • Silver and Platinum Hallmarking

The platinum and silver jewellery buying is not as easy as it is like checking for symbols and buying golden jewelleries. The symbol “Sterling” or “92.5” and “925” found on the silver jewellery pieces represents the purity of silver jewelleries. You can check and compare the prices with the Kalyan Jewellers ring designs with price option and find the ideal piece for you or your dear ones.

Platinum jewellery pieces that are etched with the symbol “Plat” or “pt” or even “Platinum” are the genuine platinum pieces. Kalyan Jewellers designs with price is a website of the reputed jewellery maker in India and you can learn more about the purity of the precious metals and their jewellery pieces.

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