5 Things About Blood Donations

There are many people around the globe donating the blood units. But the requirements of the blood units much more than that require no of units. This is because of people are unaware blood donating useful. They’re many organizing around the globe conducting programs to educate the people about blood donations, requirement of blood, what happens when you donate the blood and some other things, which can eliminate the doubts in the minds of donor to donate blood. Many healthy persons around us have a misconception of donating blood and its results.


According Red Cross society the age limit for the blood is 17 years. You can also donate under the guidance of parents/guardians who is responsible for you. The age must be limited because at that you can have a good decision making matured mind, so you can yourself take the decision for the donation of blood. The doctor will not accept your donation if you are underage. You have to sign up for the agreement document before you donate, after reading the condition and rules mentioned in the donation camps.


Red Cross society again sets the limit here both height and weight. You must have 110lbs minimum weight and at least 5’6 in height. These limitations are kept because they will also check the condition of the donor, if the donor himself in a good health condition then how can they take blood from you, which again has to supply for a patient. A healthy person must match with both weight and height in order to donate the blood.

Time Interval

They’re few people around us who will donate multiple times, because they know the how important a blood unit for patient who are in emergency. A unit of blood can save a human life when it is required, most of the times patient who are heavily bleeder or who are having less blood levels in their body fluids undergoes an operation, which may result in bleeding, is required the blood units. Sometimes patients also require multiple volumes of blood units. You can donate the blood once in every three months. This time limit is set because the donor body requires the time to regenerate the lost blood.

How much

At once, you can donate a unit of blood which 350ml. This can be generated inside your body within the minor period. People may also think to donate more, but medicinal experts restricts you to not to donate more than one unit at once. If you donate more than that, it causes health problems for you. After the lost blood generated again, which means when you get donated blood unit into your body that is after the three months.


You can save a life that is the biggest use for humanity. Donating blood cost you nothing, there is a permanent loss in donating blood, and you can get back what you have donated. Nevertheless, what you did can save a life who is important to their family. Who will be a father of a child or son or daughter to someone who loves them more! Not only that donating blood also help you physically, it balances iron levels, controls the blood flow in your body and other kinds of physical benefits of donor are there which can explained by the doctors.

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