Effective and Natural Tricks For All Hair Types

You can take care of the hair using very different methods. However, go for natural products involves not change its constitution, and above all, have fewer problems with fall, curling or losing its luster. Today we show you some natural products for taking care of yours.

Bicarbonate to Treat Oily Hair

If you have oily hair and do not know what to do to eliminate fat thereof, a natural trick is to take root in some baking soda. With regular brushing it will go unnoticed and Oil will disappear as if by magic.

Vodka to Remove Frizz

To use natural products for this trick, all you have to do is cut a diced jalapeno and put it in a bottle that have saved the vodka. Leave it for a few days and then use the liquid as if it were a serum that apply before leaving.

Oatmeal for Sticky Effect

If your hair is oily and a day in a hurry do not have time to wash it to get out, you can use oatmeal to remove oil. You just have to throw in the roots and remove shaking hair after a few minutes so easy trick is this home!

Washing with Conditioner

It’s a very easy trick to perform and really keeps the hair moisturized. All you have to do is skip, from time to time, the shampoo to wash your hair and exclusively use the conditioner.

Moisturizer for Hair

The body moisturizer or facial is perfect to apply as a mask on your hair. Yes, if you want to show off a shiny, healthy hair, then you have to go for throw, brush, and let it stay in Like the idea to get your hair?

Yogurt for Straight Hair

With this mask will not get a super straight hair, but with less volume, better hydrated and less fraught. To test requirements:

  • 1 egg
  • ¼ cup plain yogurt
  • ¼ cup mayonnaise

Clear the beat until foamy, and we add the yogurt and mayonnaise. We put the mask on wet hair and massaged. Cover with a shower cap or other plastic material, we do half an hour, wash as normal but rinse with cold water.

You see it’s not really hard to find natural hair care products and certainly with what you know you can now get a lot more out. Do you dare to try and improve your hair?

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