Worldwide Educational Facts That Will Make You Awestruck

Worldwide Educational Facts That Will Make You Awestruck

Education, despite being the sole source of the world’s advancements from inventing the first light bulb to sending rockets into the space, still is not commonly available for the majority of the world. Still, there is twice the quantity of not school going children than the school going one. By the way, it is not that information which will make you awestruck as I claimed in the title. This is just the starter, and the main course is ready to be served below.

  1. 757 million only adults in the world cannot read or write. Two third or 64% out of this quantity are women.
  2. Due to weak economy of major part of the world, every one out of three child cannot complete its primary education.
  3. Among both of the genders, girls all around the world are less likely to join schools. Whereas boys either repeats the grades or drop out altogether.
  4. Children from the elite class of the world is four times more likely to attend the schools as compared to the poorest one.
  5. In the year 2012, 85% of the adult population of the world were qualifying in the brackets of literacy.
  6. South and West Asia is the most illiterate part of the world with less than 50% rate.
  7. Nine percent of the children from the age group of primary school is deprived of the fundamental right like getting the education.
  8. Half of the children outside the primary schools are girls.
  9. Despite having one of the highest illiteracy rates in the world, India is the home of world’s largest school called City Montessori School which has over 32,000 students.
  10. If you are fed up of your homework, then you should be thankful to God that he send you in this part of the world because students in China get the most homework. Students in China get almost 14 hours of homework per week which is the highest in all over the world.
  11. Due to different conflicts and natural disasters, 75 million children around the world cannot get any sort of education through schools or any other means.
  12. France is the country where students spend most of their day in the school but spend the least part of the year in schools as compared to other parts of the world.
  13. Developing countries are still struggling to establish the network of colleges and universities, whereas the first world is keen to invest more in online education so students can get the affordable education.

This doesn’t end here:

The situation of global education is so diverse that it is not possible to mention each and everything in one sitting. But the only thing which is enough to make anyone shocked is the silence of the world leaders on the most important issue of the world. The first world may have the infrastructure and model of education, but they also are failing to produce quality results which is why students are finding places to buy dissertation on cheap prices so they can complete their degree programs. If you also have any fact to share, please comment below and make the world aware of this.

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