Expand Your Small Living Room With These Crafty Techniques

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Many small living room setting circles around fooling the eye into making the room look more hefty and spacious. Such maneuver can completely change a space that feels cramped and congested into something that feels pleasantly comfortable and warm.

Embellish your living room in a way that enhances the space and light together. It is essential to pay close observation on how you use color, weight, and scale. This certain kind of technique can actually make a huge difference. It is always entertaining to try fresh things.

Every so often, classic themes about living room decoration are not the finest solution for a small space. Instead of using blinds for window treatments, it is better to use long, flowing drapes because they attract attention to vertical space which creates an extended look for the living room.

Regardless of the length and size, your living room should be able to operate as a space for entertainment and relaxation. Here are some wonderful ways to make your living room feel ample and spacious.

Decorate with Mirrors

Designers often place the mirrors in tiny places to make the area look and feel bigger. One of the most conventional small living room ideas is to hang a big mirror in the middle to create a focal point.

To reflect light and add a superior room atmosphere, place a mirror right behind a light source such as candles or a pendant lamp. If achievable, you can try placing a mirror across your window so that it will be able to reflect the view and cast the illusion of another window.

Draw the Attention Upward

Expand Your Small Living Room With These Crafty Techniques

Every room has a vertical feature and horizontal as well. If your living room has a high ceiling, then it is best to make the most of the extra space by decorating it in such a way that attracts the attention of your visitors. Using long drapes is a smart way to accomplish this objective.

Another approach to highlight the vertical aspect of your living room is by occupying the vertical space with a menagerie of small to midsize portrait. This method will contribute to making the room feel larger and extended than its actual size. It attracts the vision to bounce beyond the horizontal space eye-level that makes it feel limited.

Select a Furniture of Small-Scale

A selection of tiny living room features would not be perfect without the approval to select and invest in furniture that will not overwhelm or seem to overpower the small area of the room. A couch with thin arms and a well-upholstered back is a great choice compared to a sofa with large arms and a multi-cushion back.

If the field is tight, you can still beautify your living room without placing a couch. You can either select a loveseat or you can plainly place chairs around nice coffee tables.

When figuring out what chairs to pick, it is safest to go for chairs without arms because they only consume a small space in your living room compared to a chair designed with arms.

Refrain From Purchasing Heavy Looking Furniture

When you shop for furniture, it is better to recognize its visual weight particularly if you have a small area to put it. This technique applies to the expected weight of an object according to its size, design, and color.

It is safest to purchase and focus on furniture with lightweight appearance, as the heavier ones will only clog a space. Always favor pale colors than going for the darker ones and select pieces with sturdy legs as you stay away to those that look boxy or squared.

Glass coffee or end tables only consume little space in comparison to the wooden ones.  Also, any furnishings that do not obstruct views will always contribute to making an area look more open and spacious.

Use Calm Colors for a Small Living Room

Expand Your Small Living Room With These Crafty Techniques

Another smart method is using neutral colors on walls, floor, furniture upholstery, and ceiling. A white palette or board will help extend the space by seemingly pushing the walls back.

Calm colors can comfortably brighten a room by simply reflecting light. In addition to enhancing an area, a neutral palette also provides instant elegance and creates a calming ambiance.


There is no need for you to worry if your household has a small living room. There’s always something you can do about it. In fact, this certain situation will challenge you to bring out your creativity and make your small living room look expanded. There are numerous ways to decorate your living room perfectly, such are the guidelines above.

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