Moisture Effects And Prevention Methods

Moisture Effects And Prevention Methods

Everyone see many buildings that are challenged with rising damp that affects them through the capillaries. These fine tubes in the building materials allow the moisture to rise upwards and cause huge damages to the buildings in the shape of excessive damp that leads to white patches and cracks in the plasters. Companies including Rising damp treatments London offer their valuable services for the needy people.

Effects of rising damp – It is not only the buildings that are harmed but the people living in the affected buildings are also put to health problems. We come across many people living in damped buildings are affected with respiratory problems that often lead to asthma, the serious disease. Thus rising damp causes big problems for the building owners and the residents too.

Treatment – All such problems have to be set aright for which services of prominent companies including Rising damp treatments London have to be hired. They are the right people for treating the problems of rising damp that is often caused due to moisture etc. Perfect damp proofing is done by these noble guys that relieve the sufferers from rising damp and its effects.

Different methods – Damp proofing companies use the following types of barriers for treating rising damp –

Water repellent – This special method of damp proofing involves use of liquid, paste, gel, or cream with injections. Holes of the sizes of 10-12 mm diameter are drilled into the mortar joints through the bricks or the stones. The chemical is injected through the holes with   the help of pressure pumps. High or low pressure pumps are used for this purpose. Hand pumps or skeleton guns are also used in doing so. The chemicals get spread through the damp masonry after few months and join up to form a strong water repellent layer. This method is quite helpful in preventing further liquid water to pass through and the walls get dried out.

Pore Blocking – This particular method involves using the cement based injection mortar. It is mixed with water for forming slurry. It is injected with the help of re-usable plastic bodied heavy duty gun. A solid plug is formed in the wall through this specific repellant method that gives good results. The holes meant for this purpose are of the size of 18-20 diameters. Thick and stable stone walls affected with rising damp are also saved with this repellent. The pores in the walls are blocked with the injected mortar that helps in challenging the moisture. Use of large drilling machines is generally required for this process. Expensive drill bits and mortar guns have also to be used for the pore blocking method.

Osmotic – This special process for preventing rising damp and its ill effects is done by using embedded wires. Facilitated by prominent Rising damp treatments London, this method is also quite effective and popular.

Buildings affected with rising damp may be set aright with the above methods that are helpful in preventing the same.

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