HTC One M10 a name you can depend upon!

HTC is a name on which you can rely. It hasalways tried to meet the expectations of the users by making amusing handsets. Since, it has declared the launch of its new model; people are eagerly waiting for it. Some are speculating about its probable features and some are searching net to know more about HTC One M10. You also seem to a Smartphone lover and your desire to know about it has probably brought you here.

Though you may find uncountable articles and news on the virtual pool, but you would find to get exact information as there are many contradictions. You can read this article for getting acquainted with its likely features. You would be glad to know that it would be releasing very soon, perhaps in February of March 2016. The chances are that it would come with a very different name such as HTC two. This new name is suggested by HTC for avoiding the comparison of this awesome model with the failing HTC One M9. In fact the Chairwoman of HTC, Cher Wang apologized the users for not meeting their desires through HTC One M9. She has promised to launch a brilliant which would eliminate all the grievances of the users.

You might be wondering that if the HTC One M10 is coming with a complete makeover, what would be its price. Well, no data is this regard could be drawn till its release. But if the price of HTC One 8 was 550pound, that of HTC One M9 was 579, we can expect to find the similar increase in the price of the new model; if there are not much enhancements. The poor performance by HTC was probably due to the defective processor, Snapdragon 810; so this time we can expect a speedy Snapdragon 820 processor. The looks would be definitely stunning for this model in aluminum unibody, which is likely to be waterproof this time.

An awesome 3500mAh battery is quite likely. The camera for it would be remarkable (27Mp back and 5Mp front camera). The 4GB RAM is likely, along with the internal storage to be chosen from 64GB and 128 GB as per the desires of the users. HTC has definitely worked to solve the problems with microSD slot, as it moved it backward; along with that we can also expect on-board storage in it. The screen size for this model can be 5in along with 4K resolution. But as HTC One M9 could not beat the rivals; inspite of having an amazing screen, due to the absence of remarkable QHD. So a Chinese report is saying a 6in screen with 2560×1440 displays and QHD resolution is quite possible in HTC One M10.

We hope we were quite successful in acquainting you with the possible features of HTC One M10. We strive to bring the latest and the most happening things in the world of techs. For finding more, keep visiting us.


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