5 Points To Remember Before Choosing A Web Design Company

Recently a research was conducted on the importance of web designs in Missouri University. It revealed that visitors only spend 10thof a second to make the decision, whether to stay on this website or not. This indicates that attractive and user-friendly website design will make the visitors longer. Somebody has rightly said only you have a single chance to create your impression and the first impression is the last impression.

According to chicago web design company when a visitor lands on your website, he instantly creates a perception about your portal and this plays a significant role especially if you are running a business website. The unfortunate part is that most of the businesses don’t take the design of their website seriously. Although, they don’t leave any stone unturned to make their business a successful venture, but they take it for granted. They work on providing genuine services with cost effective rates, give useful information with customer care and do other things as well, but all this cannot bring favorable results. The reason is they are unable to dish out the information in an appealing way to customers. This is the power of a website design which can keep the users engaged in absence of which they lose interest and move on to the next website in the same segment. Not having genuine visitors is an unseen loss and business persons are supposed to take notice of it.

There are a couple of other things also which can be harmful for e-commerce websites.

  1. There are several nonworking links on your web page; it does not matter whether you have placed in a menu bar or in the footer. When people click on these links and they did not respond, this creates a negative impression. Your visitors are clicking on these links to find some information. Keep only those links on your website which are working.
  2. Many times in order to publish as much content as you can on your web page, you don’t leave margins on both sides. This is also a mistake which most of the business houses make.
  3. Your website doesn’t have the clear logo. Your logo and your tagline must go in accordance to your business. You are supposed to use a trademark or company name. An appropriate logo will not only enhance the reputation of your website, but it will make people remember your company.
  4. In order to generate revenue, many website owners use advertisements and pop-ups. Too much sound and flashing will distract the users, in spite of concentrating on your website content, they will get lost in advertisements. Many of them will leave the page if they find it uninteresting. Website owners are supposed to refrain themselves from using loud advertisements.
  5. Your content provider has published wrong words on your webpage.If spelling mistake and syntax error is there, with this faulty piece of art do you think you will get genuine visitors. That is why it is imperative on your part to conduct a thorough spell check before publishing the content. chicago web design company will not only take care of the above-mentioned problems, they will also use genuine and organic means of search engine optimization so that you can get permanent results.
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