Top Things Women Should Buy For A Low-Cost Vacation

Top Things Women Should Buy For A Low-Cost Vacation

As you already know, traveling within a budget means low-cost tickets with only hand luggage included, as well as low cost accommodation. Before you start panicking, read about the top things every woman should buy to prepare for exciting getaway.


Having your suitcase with you is convenient, but when it comes to usability, a backpack is a must-have item. You will not risk leaving all your possessions in a hostel, and you definitely don’t want to walk around carrying all your clothes. The backpack is practical, can be stuffed with a bunch of clothes and cosmetics and hey, they are one of the must-have items this season and you can find it in many colors, shapes and patterns!

Mini size cosmetics

Before you buy anything for your trip, be sure that you read the specifications of the airline you are traveling with. You do not want to be forced to leave your cosmetics at the airport, which is why is better to be prepared. For example, you cannot bring a 200ml bottle of body lotion, but you can always buy a smaller version for traveling purposes, even refillable ones. This includes all liquids, including make-up. You can find these in every cosmetic shop near you.

Travel Intimates Bag

Traveling with just a backpack can be a bit annoying because you cannot bring your bra case. In addition, depending on the backpack, neither can you separate your delicates from your shoes. Plastic bags can be helpful, but if you want to travel in style you should get small, washable lingerie bags; and stop worrying that your intimates will get mixed up with your other luggage. You can find these in almost every lingerie shop, or order it online and even get one with your name on it.

Travel Sleep Sheet and Ear Plugs

Hostels are pretty clean, but if you are a lady of style and if you don’t want to prompt fate, buy a silky sleep sheet and be prepared. Not only are they ritzy, but they are compact and lightweight.

Ear plugs are a definitive must because you will more than likely be exposed to noise that can interrupt your beauty sleep. You want to get a good night sleep, not to be tired from someone’s snoring. You can find a great deal on the web when it comes to ear plugs and even eye masks.

Having in mind that this is probably the first time that you are traveling lightweight, we will provide you with some additional tips below.

Don’t panic when faced with a shared bathroom – they are being clean after each use. Have your wallet below your pillow at night – safety is always mandatory.
Don’t be worried all the time but meet new friends; when is the right time to try new things but now?
Bring your passport, wallet, prescription pills and be sure that you’ll enjoy your vacation like a proper diva!

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