How To Get To Madrid Barajas Airport Fast

If you need to arrive at Madrid Barajas Airport fast, consider the following tips.

Madrid airport transfer

One of Madrid’s airport transfers you have at your disposal is taxi transfer. This is your best option if you need to get to the airport as soon as possible and you don’t have a lot of time on your hands. Taxi fares in Madrid are quite affordable in comparison with other European cities that are more expensive. An approximative price from the center of the city to the airport will cost you 30 euros. The journey will last for 30 minutes, depending on the traffic conditions.

One way of saving some cash on airport transfer is pre-booking your taxi, opting for a private taxi transfer company. These companies are reliable and provide customers with sizeable discounts.

In case you weren’t aware before, in Madrid, there are Taxi Surcharges, which are additional charges, added to the regular price of the journey. For instance, for a customer to be picked up or dropped off at the airport, there are additional charges. So, our suggestion is to pre-book your taxi journey so that you will know the exact costs the journey implies.  This way, you won’t have any surprises.

Public Transportation

A cheaper way of getting to Madrid Barajas Airport is opting for public transportation that is also convenient and most importantly more affordable. You can consider taking the metro – a 17 minutes journey that will cost you no more than 6 euros, even less if your address is not that far.

You should bear in mind that trips from and to the airport include additional costs, most of the times encompassing 3 euros.

You can opt for purchasing tourist tickets, which are available from 1 to 7 days. The best part about these tickets is that they are transferable so that more persons can use them. The tourist ticket can be used for ten bus or metro journeys and will cost you 12.20 euros.

The downside about going to the airport by metro is there are more stops, which make it quite difficult to travel especially with a lot of luggage.

Renfe Train

Another alternative you have at your disposal is the Renfe train. It is accessible, modern and affordable. The bad side is that at peak hours, Renfe train is utterly packed and inconvenient. Still, a Renfe train journey is a total bargain – 2.1 euros, and it will get you to the airport fast – in 20 minutes.

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