Choose Ellis Leisure Bouncy Castle Hire If Security & Safety Is Your Priority!

Are you planning for organizing a birthday party for your child in Essex? Do you want to fill a lot of fun in this children’s gathering? Do you want to create a fun environment that make children feel happy during the party? Well, choose Ellis Leisure Bouncy Castle Hire in Essex. This company offers a wide range of inflatable castles and bouncy castle on hire. These days, almost every children party theme uses the inflatable castles because they add fun and enjoyment to an event that children admire the most. So, if there is a birthday bash on your cards, book Ellis Leisure bouncy castle hire right away.

What Are Inflatable Bouncy Castles –

These are fun-party equipment that people use during kids’ parties. Children love them because they serve a great fun, excitement and act like a real magnet for children who come to attend a party along with parents. Though the great entertainment feature of these units cannot be overshadow the other important features like safety and security for children who play with them. Therefore, a party organizer should act responsibly and reasonably while hiring bouncy castles on an event. It is because your negligence will not just ruin the party fun, but also can injure the children. So, if you want that all attendees would leave your place with good memories, consider these pointers to ensure safety with these bouncy castles before hiring.

PIPA Certificate Is Must –

A PIPA certification ensures the quality and verifies the agency that provides bouncy castles on hire in the UK. So, if you don’t have much time as the party is fast approaching, make sure to ask the PIPA certificate copy from the agency before you make any advance payment. All the companies offering bouncy castle hire in the UK are required to get this certificate to ensure their authenticity, safety and quality of equipment. You may either get a digital copy of a valid certificate of PIPA or can get a hard copy for the same by hand.

Check For Indoor As Well As Outdoor Bouncy Castles –

To ensure safety factor in the bouncy castles that you hire for your party, you should know the difference between outdoor and indoor castles. The outdoor units are often bigger in size that accompany higher walls and rain covers; so that, they can withstand during rains or wind. On its contrary, the indoor castles are used when the party venue is inside an event hall or any other indoor venue.

Elements That Affect The Selection Of Bouncy Castles –

When it comes to get bouncy castles for a kids’ party or any other event, it is mandatory to check the type of castle you require for your event. There are companies offering indoor as well as outdoor castles. The selection of the right castles depend on various factors which include following things.

  • If the party is being organized indoors or outdoors.
  • The number of attendees in a party
  • If the party would include only children or adults also.

Once you have clarity with these elements, you can make the right selection of the best bouncy castles that will surely give safety, delight and lots of fun to the attendees.

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