5 Things You Should Carry In Your Handbag When Flying

I never understood why some women do not take care to carry in their handbag those things that are essential for air travel. You know who I mean, these people then back an entire row of passengers because they have no idea where have saved passages or documents and begin to dig inside their bags in search of the precious papers.

If this is the first time you will travel by plane, this question is for you, why not take advantage of your handbag to charge what you will really be useful? You will gain time at the airport and peace of mind where you take things, and you avoid the harsh gaze of passengers frowns that look like asking “perhaps nobody warned you need?”

  1. Ticket Booking and Documents

If you leaving you should have on hand the booking of tickets along with your check-in and passport document or web form. Moreover, to avoid complications gets these things inside a plastic envelope, so when you get to the check-in counter of the airline just have to open your wallet and get the envelope.

  1. Pen

It is very likely that at some point have to complete a form on the plane to enter the destination country. If it ever happened to you, do not get the idea of how valuable it can be to have a pen at that time, remove the cap, write and save it while the rest of the passengers manage to get one provided.

  1. Address and Telephone Numbers

Always carry annotated the address and telephone number of the hotel where you will be staying, the consulate of your country in the destination and the details of your insurance travel assistance.

  1. Some Notes and Coins

This is not carrying a fortune, but if a small change to buy something to drink and eat while waiting at the airport, pay a taxi, and even buy a souvenir of your trip. Usually always should take dollars or euros to change destination.

  1. Wipes

Whether you eat a snack on a short flight or a meal on plate on a long flight, take wet wipes in your purse lets you clean your hands after eating. Always usually be some remnant of goop in your hands, but with the wipes do not need to get up and go through the whole plane to go to the bathroom to wash your hands or mouth. Also you can use to refresh your face and neck during the flight, especially early in the morning after a few hours of sleep in the air.

There are other elements which of course can carry in your travel bag, such as toothbrush and toothpaste, sunglasses, books, magazines … but these elements I mentioned are before-from my experience as essential to travel.

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