Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Juice In The Morning

For true lovers of lemon, we have good news today. If you’re one of them, you’ll be pleased to know that no longer need to invent excuses to eat lemons, because the truth is that this citrus holds many benefits, especially if you drink it with warm water. Make yourself comfortable and get ready: you are about to know the benefits of drinking lemon juice in the morning.

A Strong Immune System

The immune system is responsible for fighting all viruses and bacteria that attack us daily. Therefore, to enjoy good health and able to meet all our responsibilities, it is essential that it is strong. Lemon contains large amounts of vitamin C. Therefore, try to consume daily and even more when you are going through stressful days, because these are the ones that expose you to greater vulnerability.

Much Potassium

Lemon juice contains a lot of potassium. This mineral is essential for our body to function properly. In this sense, it contributes to the assimilation of essential nutrients and the removal of cellular waste. It also allows counteract some of the harmful effects that trigger the consumption of sodium on blood pressure. For all these reasons, in short, lemon juice is ideal to protect the heart and to promote the proper functioning of the brain.

A Good Digestion

Lemon juice is also great ally of our stomach, it favours the correct assimilation of food by stimulating the digestive tract to release toxins. On the other hand, it prevents the appearance of some of the most heinous symptoms of indigestion such as bloating and belching. Great!, right?

The Fresher Breath

Lemon juice is very good to eradicate the bacteria responsible for bad breath. It is also very helpful in relieving the terrible toothache and gingivitis-disease that involves inflammation and bleeding gums. But beware, because the lemon citric acid can damage the enamel of your teeth. To prevent the exacerbation of this unwanted effect, brush your teeth before drinking the juice.

Now, in what proportions must take this juice? It’s simple, if you weigh less than 68 kg, squeeze half a lemon in a glass of warm water. If you weigh more, use a whole lemon. ? Drinking warm lemon water in the morning and enjoy better health in a 100% natural. Now that you know how to do, the only question that remains is: what are you waiting for.

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