Attractive Spots In Bikaner To Visit!

If you want to see a city, which has rich heritage and culture, you must go to Bikaner. The city is popular for producing incredible warriors. Bikaner is a part of Rajasthan, which we know means that there are several palaces, forts and monuments here. You can view some stunning architecture here which shows the brilliance of the Rajput civilization. So, if you are making plans for a trip then visit Bikaner and check these few places out –

1. Junagarh Fort: Built in the 1593 by the great Raja Rai Singh, it is also heard that the fort was surrounded by water, which had crocodiles to protect this fort from rivals. The construction depicts architecture of Gujarati, Mughal and Rajput styles. The picturesque court yards of this fort are truly beautiful. This architecture can inspire anyone who is not even an architect. If you are an aspiring architect, then do visit this fort once to see the brilliant work.

2. Lalgarh Palace: Made in the year 1902 by Maharaja Ganga Singh in the memory of Maharaja Lal Singh Ji, who is his father. This Palace is made with red sandstones and yet another brilliant work which shows the architecture styles of Rajput, Mughal and European trends. The huge lawns are where you will see gorgeous peacocks. Make sure you go during the monsoon season to actually see them dancing. You can also visit the library inside the palace and see the other rooms through the tour guide. This place is truly one of a kind!

3.  Gajner Palace: Once you are done absorbing the beauty of the Lalgarh Palace, it is time to visit the Gajner Palace. This red sandstone palace is a stunning example of the ancient architectural intelligence. Till date this palace stands strong. It is located in the midst of a thick forest where you can see various birds.

Attractive Spots In Bikaner To Visit!

4. Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary: You will not feel like leaving the Gajner Palace once you enter it and while you are there, don’t miss out on the Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary. This place is a home for many unique animals and plants. You can see a lot of different wild animals like Indian hares, deer, blue bulls, antelopes, wild boars and several other beautiful animals. You will have a great time strolling around in this sanctuary and you can also watch many migratory birds along the stroll.

5. Jain Temple: Made in the year 1514 by Rajput architects, this temple is marvellous. It has a unique outlook to it which has sculpted pillars, gold leaf works, frescos and so much more. The white marble and red sandstone mixture used to make this temple with all the mirror work is truly commendable. Don’t miss out on this temple while you are in Bikaner.

Attractive Spots In Bikaner To Visit!

Bikaner shows the beauty of India’s history and is an inspiring place for upcoming architects. Book direct trains from Mumbai and don’t forget to order for train food parcel to make your journey enjoyable.

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