NuWave PIC – What Makes The Induction Coktop Different?

With NuWave PIC gaining a strong presence in the market, you are likely to be questioning what makes it different. Well, the induction cooktop has several unique features that not only makes the process of cooking simple, but also convenient. Adding to this, there are other distinguishing features that add worth to the same.

Here is a quick look at the key apects that make NuWave PIC different-

Less Saturated Fat in Oil

On gas being used as a medium for cooking, the amount of saturated fat in the oil was 25% more than the amount when the NuWave PIC was used as the cooking medium. The Electric range when used as the medium for cooking put on an ever worse performance and the amount of saturated that its sample had was 50% percent more than the amount in PIC.

Reduces Consumption of Cholesterol

Scientists after much researches have arrived at the conclusion that the NuWave PIC having the feature of accurate temperature control, gave evidence for a drop in the quantity of soaking oil in fried foods when weighed against that cooked using an electric /gas top cooker, which basically brings the amount of cholesterol taken up during consumption of fried food of lower than the amount for food fried using an electric/gas top cooker.

Less Trans Fatty Acid

The most intense of all checked inconsistencies was in the amount of trans fatty acids. The oil taken as a sample from electric range consisted of 600% additional amount of such unfavorable fats, whereas oil from gas stove acquiesces 900 percent additional amount of trans fatty acids compared to that taken from NuWave PIC.

Some of its Pros

  • It has lightweight and hence It lets you cook easily while you being engaged in some other tasks
  • It offers 52 Temperature Settings that can be adjusted by -12°C having 6 presets.
  • With this cooktop you get mechanical Stage Cooking. This is intelligent enough and does the thinking on your behalf.
  • Its spherical design is Ergonomic Design and does not use up surplus space
  • It offers a temperature range between 38°C and 302°C. This extensive temperature range makes for flexibility in cooking.

Ergonomic Design

The NuWave PIC is different from others as it has a spherical design that makes certain that it does not occupy surplus room on the counter / dinner table. In addition, the amount of sound that it emits is 50% of what different cooktops emit, bringing about a more agreeable cooking and eating experience.


PIC2 provides you with the facility of accurate temperature control. It is different from additional cooktops because of its 52 temperature settings that let you cook in increments of 10 degrees from 38°C to 302°C 575°F. PIC2 also has some exclusive attributes like the facility of programming cooking times for a much as 100 hours.


The NuWave PIC comes with safety attributes that will ease your mind. It has a shatter-resistant surface that lessens the possibility of kitchen accidents to a great extent. And since it does not have any open flames /scorching coils, the possibility of domestic fire is lessened to a great extent.

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