5 Reasons For Being Disorganized

There comes a time in your life when you look around and you ask yourself the inevitable question –”How did I get so disorganized? ” Keeping your home tidy and neat is sometimes more difficult than you think. No matter how hard you try, you are never able to stay organized for long. Maybe it’s not all your fault. There are external or psychological factors that prohibit your good intentions. Before cleaning the mess, you need to identify their roots. This is the only way to achieve long lasting result and get rid of unfavourable traits.

There are five general causes of disorganization:

  1. Situational Disorganization

This type of disorganization is a result of unexpected circumstances that disrupt your routine. These events can vary – from getting late for work to major and dramatic changes such as divorce or a personal loss. Even dealing with a disorganized relative can have negative impact on your house cleaning routine. When something that you were not prepared occurs, you will be more inclined to go with the flow. Before you know, your home becomes flooded with clutter. There is nothing to be ashamed of, as long as you don’t continue with this vicious circle. Recognize the reason, overcome it and then start cleaning the place.

  1. Habitual Disorganization

Very often it’s a matter of habit. In this case you need to work on your behaviour. From time to time everybody indulge bad organizational habits, but it should be within reasonable limits. You have a serious problem when disorganization turns into a reoccurring pattern. This doesn’t mean that you will forever remain messy. With will and persistency, you will be able to get rid of the things that stop you from being organized.

  1. Historical Disorganization

The reasons behind your messiness can also be traced down to your past. The environment in which you were brought up can affect your attitude towards organization. Kids usually either adopt or rebel against the established order. Even if you were growing in an organized family, you can become a slob. The opposite is also possible. If your parents constantly made you organize your room, you probably felt restrained. Eventually you started despising cleaning. You can fight the problem by making organizing more inviting and pleasant. Simply combine it with something you like to do. If your messy parents served as a role model, you probably “inherited” their bad habits. You need to understand that this is simply not right and start working on the issue.

  1. Social Disorganization

Consumerism is a big part of our society. People accumulate many possessions and then have problems storing them. The key here is not cleaning the clutter, but stop recklessly buying things that you don’t need. After de – cluttering, try to be aware of your shopping habits.

  1. Chronic Disorganization

This is an existing and serious condition. If none of these reasons mentioned early doesn’t apply to your case, maybe you need to look for an alternative explanation. Don’t feel hapless; because you failed in everything you’ve tried to resolve the issue. In this case, you need to find a professional help.

In conclusion, you can resolve your organizational problems by identifying the cause and the actively fighting it. It won’t happen in a day, so you need to be ready to invest some effort and time. Article provided by: Local Enfield Carpet Cleaners.

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