A Work Incentive for Social Security Disability Recipients

Are you receiving Social Security benefits because of a disability? Do you want to get a job and gain financial independence, while maintaining your Medicare or Medicaid eligibility? The Social Security Disability Ticket to Work program may be what you need. It’s a free and voluntary program designed to help you reach your employment goals.

The Program

Social Security Disability Ticket to Work helps you use the work incentives and benefits the Sociality Security Administration (SSA) has in place for eligible recipients who want to work or go to school. You can take advantage of the services of employment service providers, called Employment Networks (ENs), that make the program work. An EN will help you understand how the program works and get the most out of it.


You receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) payments while you participate in the program. As long as you receive SSDI benefit payments, you remain eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. You get a trial work period. For 9 months, you can test your ability to work while you continue to get SSDI payments. The 9 months does not have to be consecutive. You continue receiving Medicare until at least 93 months after the last month of your trial work period.

Choosing an EN

Choose an EN equipped to help you reach your employment goals. What will the EN provide?

  • The EN will make sure you know all the incentives that are available.
  • The EN will let you know how to keep your Medicare or Medicaid while you’re working.
  • The EN will track your trial work period, your extended Medicare months, and your subsidies.
  • The EN will instruct you on how to get your PASS (Plan for Achieving Self-Support). The PASS will pay for your tuition and books.
  • The EN will educate potential employers on how they can earn a tax benefit by hiring you.


What if your SSDI benefits stop, but you later become disabled and can’t work? You can request your benefits start again without completing a new application. While the SSA determines whether your disability qualifies you for SSDI benefits, you receive temporary benefits for up to 6 months.

Reaching Your Goals

Social Security Disability Ticket to Work is a great way for you to try to eliminate your need for SSDI benefits. It’s a chance for you to get vocational training and a meaningful job. It’s free and you don’t lose your SSDI benefits or your Medicare or Medicaid coverage while you try the program. You can find the financial independence that didn’t you realize was possible.

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