Your Step by Step Guide To Apply and Remove cnd Shellac Nail Polish

Your Step by Step Guide To Apply and Remove cnd Shellac Nail Polish

If you want to get beautiful and shiny nails, then cnd shellac nail polish can help you achives that. But you can get the best results with the nail polish only if you know how to apply and remove it properly. If you have no idea about its application, then here is a complete guide to help you:

Removal of Nail Polish

Prepare the nails

To prepare the hand for cnd Shellac nail polish removal, first, wash the hand using soap and fresh water. Now dry it with a towel. After that, cleanse the skin by massaging a cleaning solution.

Wrap foil remover wrap

To remove the cnd Shellac nail polish, first, saturate a cotton pad with nail polish remover. Now put it under the specific finger. Place the cotton pad at the edge of the nail and fold this cotton pad to cover the nail. Now wrap CND foil remover wrap around the nail with a comfortable fit and secure it with a squeeze. Let it rest for a few minutes so it can work properly for you.

Takeout the removal wrap

After waiting for few minute, hold each finger securely and apply some pressure on the fingernail. To remove the Foil Remover wrap and nail polish, use a twisting motion to remove the wrap from the finger. In a general situation it should clean the nail in the first try, but if you see some color then repeat the same process again.  This time, wait for few more minutes before removing the wrap.  In the last, you can also rub the nails using a pad saturated with same nail polish remover to clean all the remaining color.

Application of nail polish

Prepare the Nails

In the nail preparation process, first, you need to start with a manicure.  In your manicure, you shall remove existing nail polish using an acetone remover. First trim your nails and remove cuticle from them. After the manicure, you shall clean the nail surface and dehydrate it so base coat can get applied easily.

Apply the base coat

Take the bottle of Shellac base coat and shake it vigorously for proper blending. Now apply a single layer of this base coat on the entire nail surface. Apply this layer on all five nails and cure your hand for 10 seconds using CND LED lamp. When you remove nails from the lamp, make sure you keep the top film intact.

Apply Color coats

Applying 2 coats of nail polish is the third step in applying shellac nail polish on your nails.  In this step, first, you need to carefully apply one fine layer of nail polish on all five nails. Now cure each of your hand for 60 seconds.  After this, apply the second layer on your nail surface without removing top layer to have better coverage and color. After this cure each hand again for one minute.

Apply top coat

This is the last step of applying nail polish. Take top coat bottle, shake it vigorously and apply a thin layer on nail and extension. After applying to all five nails, cure for one minute and remove the top film with lint free pad. Now condition the nail and surrounding tissues to have shine and strength in your nails.


These steps are easy to follow, and it can give amazing results as well. So, next time you apply or remove cnd shellac nail polish, make sure you follow above mentions steps for that. Along with that, you shall also check the user manual for the specific product to have the best result.

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