Perfect Head Gear For Winters

Every season has its own pros and cons. winters come with lot of health benefits but there are certain things that need to be kept in mind during the season else it might affect the body health badly. We need to be very focussed during the winter season as our body can get affected by diseases like cold and flu, specifically for people who spend most of the time outdoors. There are plenty of winter garments available that can protect your body from cold. These winter garments are available in all kinds of sizes, age groups and sex.

Today we will hardly find a female who is not a career oriented and to make their careers they often have to step out of their house as well. Hence, they also need proper protection in order to fight with the rough weather.  There are many fashionable winter garments available for upper and lower bodies and since woman are very fashion conscious, they tend to miss covering the head or ear as it might not look quite fashionable. Women winter caps are an answer to such problems. Women winter caps are an accessory that keeps the cold away, especially during early morning or evening doing to and fro from their work. Winter caps are available in lot of designs and patterns and are also made up of different materials like wool, acrylic, cotton, cashmere etc.

Let us see how different fabric caps solve difference purposes:-

Woollen Caps – Wool is the most desired and worn material during winters. Since they are made out of sheep’s hence they are known as natural material. Woollen caps specialises in retaining the body heat, keeping our heads warm and cosy. They are a must have accessory especially when it’s biting cold outside. Since wool is a natural fibre, pure wool can be expensive. It might not suit every skin type and can be irritating and itchy on the skin. To counter such problems, caps made out of smart wool or merino wool should be worn. They are soft on sensitive skin.

Acrylic caps – Acrylic caps are machine made and is easy to maintain. Unlike woollen caps, these ones can be washed and dried in washing machines. Woollen caps needs to be hand washed; else they would lose their texture. Other than maintaining, they are inexpensive as well because they are machine made with less complicated procedure. They are light in weight when compared to woollen caps. But these caps do not absorb sweat and can be dangerous as you might feel cold and wet.

Cotton caps – Cotton is not a very winter friendly material. Though cotton is soft, natural fibre, light in weight and less expensive but it does not solve the purpose of protecting the head and ears in cold weather. Cotton does not absorb sweat and keeps you damp. Hence, it is not a very good idea to wear a cotton cap during winters. They can be easily worn in summers.

So, next time you go out to purchase a cap, apart from looking for styles do consider the kind of fabric as well.

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