Basic Guide To Buy Tahitian Pearl Pendants

Pearl pendant

Tahitian pearl is one of the most popular and expensive gems in the world. The special sheen and shine of the pearl makes it the most sought after gem for people all across the globe. These pearls are cultivated in the warm waters of Tahiti and South Pacific Sea. The quality and beautiful shine of this gem make a perfect gift for someone special to you.

Pearl pendant made of Tahitian gems is the most common jewelry that people look for in order to wear or to gift someone special. While there are many places you can buy pendant from, it is advised that you do fair amount of research before making the final purchase. A lot of things go into buying the pearl jewelry and you should always do your homework before stepping into the market to make the purchase. This will not only save your time, but let you buy the best pendant using your hard earned money.

You need to learn about the different sizes, colors, shapes of the pearls. Also, you need to understand the best ways to classify and identify the original pearls from the fake ones. Only then you will be able to buy the right pearl neckpiece that fits your style and not to mention your budget.

How to Classify and Identify Tahitian Pearls?

These gems are classified based on two parameters which include nacre and luster. The uniqueness of Tahitian pearl lies in its exceptional shine. A pearl with high quality will have thick layer and brilliant shine. Now coming to the identification part, these gems are identified based on the different grading system.

  • Grade A – Pearl with Grade A will have high luster and 90 % of the surface is flawless.
  • Grade B – This grade of gems have good shine, but the surface is just 70% flawless.
  • Grade C – It has medium luster, and only 40% of the surface is flawless. There is slight imperfection in the rest 60% of the surface.
  • Grade D – In this grade, shine doesn’t matter. The surface is 60% flawless.

Tips to Buy the Pendant:

  • Always check the size, shape, color, and surface of the gem. Remember, price increases with size and shine. There is no point of paying extra money for less shinier ones when you can get the better ones for same price.
  • Check the pearls in the pendant are matching with each other. Each of the gems in the pendant is expensive. Always purchase the one with matching gems.
  • Ask for certificate of authenticity while buying the jewelry
  • Do not forget to check the quality of metal parts and other backing.
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