Mumbai-City That Never Sleeps

Mumbai-City That Never Sleeps

There are many things exciting which you can do in Mumbai. Mumbai earlier was called Bombay. It is very populated and is a busy city. It is a place full of dreams, where people and dreamers work very hard to fulfil their dreams. Mumbai has a huge diversity, and it welcomes everyone with pleasure, as the people there are very friendly and warm. This city is filled with many tourist attractions with many architectural excellences. It has many things such as bazaars, fancy restaurants, hotels, temples, nightlife, and the list goes on and on. So let’s look at some of the best tourist attractions.

  • Gateway of India

It was established around 20th century and is visited the most in Mumbai. Gateway of India is situated right overlooking Arabian Sea, so the location is the part which makes it look even more attractive. The height of this building is 85 feet long, and is known to be one of the significant landmarks of Mumbai. To finish this building it took around 13 years, and was dedicated to Queen Mary and King George V on their first visit. Right next to this building is theTajMahal Hotel, which has been there before even Gateway of India was built. Also opposite of this there is Shivaji statue.

  • ChatrapatiShivaji Terminus

This was constructed during the rule of British, and it took 100 years for it to be fully constructed, which started from year 1787 and got over by 1887. From the year 1887, it was open for general use. It is known as CST, as this is what the Mumbaikars prefer to call it. Earlier,it was called VT that is Victoria Terminus. It is a must see, even though it’s inevitable that many tourists who come from faraway, don’t visit it, as this is one of the major source of transportation.

  • Aksa Beach

Aksa Beach is situated in Malad West in Mumbai. Malad is filled with many tourist attractions apart from the famous Aksa Beach. There are many things you could get to do such as visit historical monuments, eateries, shopping mall, etc. You will find some of the best hotels in Malad, some of them facing this beautiful beach, which will make your stay pleasant and soothing.

  • Shree Siddhivinayak Temple

Well if you are planning to go to Mumbai, taking blessings from Lord Ganesha is a must. This temple is devoted to Ganesha. The architecture of this temple is marvellous, and completely stunning.

  • Marine Drive

How can you not visit Marine Drive? The best part of Mumbai is this. Its scenic beauty is incomparable, and during the evening time, it just gets enchanting. During the night time, you will find less crowd, that’s why it is the perfect time. While you are here, you could enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, with the overview of beautiful sea.

As Mumbai is known to be one biggest metropolitan place, it is explored and visited by many tourists every now and then. This is why there really isn’t any shortage of accommodation choices, you will find a hotel, a room stay in, anyhow. Hope you have a pleasant visit to Mumbai, with the best stay.

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