Tackle With Slander At Your Workplace With Calmness and Intelligence

Gossip is common at every place whether it’s a restaurant, a party or a workplace. There is always someone who wants that importance and power in office that is why they spread inconvenient rumors about others. Most gossipers want to find a place in the group with such lousy comments about others.

When gossips or rumors become uncontrollable, it damages the image and creates an unhealthy environment.  This is called slander where a person’s image is harmed with verbal statements.

It is normal to see one colleague saying something derogatory about other colleague in the office. This majorly happens due to enmity or competition. As they believe, spoiling a person’s image will help them ruin their career giving opportunity to them. With tough competition in the market people are craving for promotion and position. Hence, they do anything that is possible, even if means defaming someone in queue.

Aaron Minc, who is specialized in internet defamation, says corporate defamation is no different from cyber bullying. However, the laws and rules to handle such insults are different in each segment.

  • Libel can be proved by showing written statements, however, slander is just verbal statements thus you need to have enough evidence to win your case.
  • You can immediately contact your Human Resource department to discourage such negative gossips about you. Provide them with all proofs so that they take strict action against that person.

There is different ways of handling slanders in a corporate world to avoid trouble-

  • You can strictly avoid any type of gossip by moving away from that place or staying quiet.
  • No matter what you hear about yourself or your colleague, always stay calm and avoid involvement in any further discussion.
  • If you can, stay aside from unnecessary conversation as it might cause trouble.
  • Gossips are normal in offices, but ensure that gossip isn’t misunderstood and taken in wrong direction.
  • Always try to have healthy conversation with your colleagues and avoid negative gossips.
  • Never initiate a dialogue in a negative manner about a certain thing. This can direct to gossips that further might turn to slandering.
  • Always try to avoid groups standing in a corner. They are much inclined to gossips. If you should, then spend time with bigger groups where chances of gossip is less and healthy discussions are more.
  • Don’t believe rumors blindly, always check background of the person slandering and the victim, in case you find the gossip is incorrect and might take adverse effect then it’s better to take an action against it.

The best solution to handle slander is to keep you away from all kinds of rumors. Gossips at workplace minimizes productivity, distracts people and damages work ethic sand culture.

Managers should take serious steps to avoid slander in workplace. One strict action against someone can withhold others. Regular meetings with the Human Resource department and managers can give courage to victims to speak out their problem. Your positivity can handle many negative minds.

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