5 Stages Of A Personal Injury Case

5 Stages Of A Personal Injury Case

A personal injury not only affects your health condition, but it can damage you financially as well. If you got this injury due to someone else’s fault, you are entitled to get a reimbursement for your losses. But you can get the settlement only if you take the right settlement approach for your personal injury case. Experts believe there are 5 stages of a personal injury case and if you can follow the below-mentioned steps, you can get the best result as well.

Consultation: Taking a consultation is the first step to settle a personal injury case.  If you want to get a free consultation from a car accident attorney Lake Charles is a good place for that. This city has some excellent lawyers that can help you win your case. A reputable law firm or lawyer can identify your case, and they can give you the right suggestion for same.

Investigation: Once you finalize a car accident lawyer, the attorney will investigate the case in various directions. He or she will try to find the root cause of the accident, and who was responsible for it. With this investigation, the attorney will collect all the pieces of evidence to prove your point.  Experts always advise starting the investigation as soon as possible so that they can collect all the evidence.

Demand:  the Third step of personal injury case is placing your demand to the insurance provider for compensation. When you put this financial demand, you need to put that on the basis of investigation and other research. Initially, the insurance company would deny rejecting your case so they can pay you as less as possible. However, you need to stay firm at this point to get the best settlement from them.

Negotiation: Once the first demand is submitted with the help of a car accident lawyer, the insurance company will initiate the negotiation process.  In this negotiation process, both parties share what the best situation for them is. If both sides can agree on the compensation, they go for the settlement. In case of disagreement between one or both the parties, the case goes to trial.

Settlement or trial: Settlement or trail is the last stage of a personal injury case.  In the event of settlement, once an agreement is made, you get the payment from the insurance company in a very short time.  If you do not get the claim as per settlement or if negotiation process does not work, then you can file a lawsuit against the insurance provider. You can present the case in the courtroom with the help of an attorney and court decides the final settlement after the trial.


Depending on your accident or specific situation, your case could include some extra requirements for the case. But the basic structure of a personal injury case includes only these 5 stages, and other additions are an extension in these points. So, if you get yourself involved in a personal injury, make sure you consult with a car accident lawyer to get the best result.

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