Relaxing In New Zealand

Relaxing In New Zealand

New Zealand is full of wonders, it’s also full of unpredictable moments that you and your pack will remember. Skydiving, trekking, water rafting, gliding – we got you covered. Even if you prefer a calmer trip than the usual (beach walking, dining, wine tasting etc.), just remember that planning and booking ahead will definitely make your trip better.

Wine Tasting

Relaxing In New Zealand

For some, a wine tasting activity seems easier than Skydiving or water rafting. But for those who drove on those gorge-roads to Chard Farm vineyards, it is a different story. Either way, the actual wine tasting experience will replenish what has been lost while you were following the trail.

South Island has a lot of wineries you can indulge in. Most people will recommend Nelson Wine Tasting, Waipara Wine Tasting or Gibbson Valley. We suggest you also discovery your own taste by visiting more than 10 wineries when you get there. Make sure you don’t miss any of the beautiful landscapes while you are on the road, they are there for a reason.

Visiting Milford Sound

You can visit with a bus tour, or a cruise ship. Day tours are common when it comes to Milford Sound, because everything is visible when it is under the sun’s natural light. Bus travels will accommodate you to the land’s picturesque fields, while boarding a cruise ship will allow you to discover the mountains and the waters better. If these two don’t seem enough, then maybe it’s time for you and your family to book a helicopter ride. A bird’s eye-view for a beautiful attraction like this, why not?

Learning about New Zealand’s History

Relaxing In New Zealand

Before New Zealand became one of the world’s best vacation site, it went through hard times when their soldiers fought during the East Cape War, The Second Taranaki War, even the Wairau Affray which happened back in the 1840’s. The Kiwi’s have a lot of stories to tell when it comes to their history and culture as well. All of these are displayed in numerous museums, most of them located in Wellington and Auckland. Their museums are well built with café areas for you to relax in. Make sure you note the opening and closing hours of your preferred museums for a hassle-free experience.

Visiting the Lord of the Rings’ Filming Locations

Relaxing In New Zealand

You probably already guessed that middle-Earth can be found in the North Island. Gandalf used to visit Bilbo Baggins in this same spot, and capturing those round doors might be satisfying. But don’t limit yourself because in here, the farming landscape will make you feel like you are Elijah Wood or just a simple hobbit for a while. The Village of Hobbiton was shown in the first Lord of the Rings movies, before it was rebuilt as a permanent attraction, thanks to the The Hobbit trilogy.

Whether you’re in New Zealand as a tourist or as a Lord of the Rings fan, getting into the culture of Kiwis will matter a lot. A day’s tour may not be enough for you to satisfy your vacation needs. We suggest you balance your trip by making sure there’s room for fun and action!

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