Review Of Hi Tech Anavar

There are many steroids and prohormone supplements and steroids on sale in the market today and therefore the task of determining which the best ones are can sometimes prove rather tricky especially for someone who is doing so for the first time. Hi Tech Anavar, which is the brand name for Oxandrin (also known alternatively as Oxandrolone) is a special synthetic anabolic steroid that has in recent years risen to the top of many people’s lists when it comes to the choice of the best steroids and supplements. However, before embarking on a brief review of this prohormone supplement, it is worth pointing out a few facts relating to it. First off, it should be mentioned that the discovery of ths steroid, as is usually the case with some of the most significant discoveries in history, came about as an accident or a fluke. The researchers were actually looking for something else when they came upon this amazing product. In fact, initially the product was used for medicinal purposes and proved very effective in the treatment of a number of illnesses and conditions some of which will be discussed in the subsequent parts of this article.

What were the Original Uses of Anavar?

Anavar was originally used in the following ways;

  • It was used for building muscle mass among patients. Most of the patients for whom the product was used in this way were usually people who had suffered severe burns but there were also people who suffered from muscle wasting conditions.
  • It was used in the treatment of anemia. Actually, Anavar, in various forms, is still used even today in the treatment of some types of anemia such as aplastic anemia.

How is Hi Tech Anavar used Today?

Today Anavar, both as a steroid and a prohormone supplement is used widely both at home and in sporting cycles. In particular, the product is used in the following ways;

  • In shredding bodily fat; most weight loss routines, although effective, often involve compromising the body’s muscles. However, the use of Hi Tech Anavar has been found to be effective in the retention of lean muscles and is therefore a handy product to use along with your weight loss regimen in order to achieve the best results possible.
  • In achieving the best cutting cycles; among body builders, and anyone who wants to have that kind of body stature really, the product is used in achieving the best cutting cycles. It helps them burn body fat in the right places without interfering with the lean muscles and the result is the dry, hard look that we all want to have.
  • Boosting strength and speed; there is a reason why steroids, particularly Hi Tech Anavar, are popular among athletes from different disciplines. Research has shown that it boosts both the strength and the speed of its users and even though you will probably not be allowed to use it in a competition (so as to avoid giving the users unfair advantage over the rest), it will still be indispensable as part of your training routines.
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