Activities You Should Never Miss Out On: Queenstown

Greetings! To the travelers at heart and thrill-seeking adventurers! If you are in Queenstown trying to indulge on what the island country of New Zealand has to offer, we have prepared some activities for you to choose from:

Water Activities

Activities You Should Never Miss Out On: Queenstown

Queenstown’s weather is usually winter-like. The coldest month is June with an average temperature of 4°C. And if you visit there in October, prepare an umbrella because it is their rainy month. But if you visit on January, then paddling a rental boat and kayaking won’t be a cold experience. With Queenstown’s long lakes – Lake Wakatipu, Lake Wanaka, Lake  Alta, and such – your boat ride will be worth it.

Sky Diving on the Best Drops

Activities You Should Never Miss Out On: Queenstown

There are a lot of skydiving agencies in New Zealand! The country has a lot of drop locations that offer a magnificent view when you’re falling 12,000 feet above. Best of all, Queenstown is one of those places – aside from Taupo, Abel Tasman, Wanaka etc.

When in Queenstown, you can jump from 9,000 feet to 15,000 feet above, depending on where your wings take you. Make sure you get a glimpse of the Remarkables mountain range when you’re up there!

Mountain Climbing

Activities You Should Never Miss Out On: Queenstown

If you prefer climbing than falling, mountain climbing should be listed in your itinerary. If you prefer a short and easy hike, visit Bob’s cove. If you feel like going on a swim after the activity, Lake Wakatipu is just around the corner. But if you are looking for a mountain that will take you hours to climb, Ben Lomond will need your power and might. It’s physically demanding so make sure you’ve had similar experience before this. It will take you 6-7 hours for you to complete the trail.

Studying the History of Queenstown

Let’s tune down the adrenaline rush for a while, and learn about some facts on how Queenstown became the adventure capital of the world. You can visit the nearest libraries or find a knowledgeable tour guide to help you. Visit the remnants of Queenstown’s mining industry that started in the 1800’s.


Summer in New Zealand has the best nights for stargazing. Find an agency that offers affordable rides up to the Gondola where you can see the iconic Southern Cross.

Catch a Brown Trout

New Zealand is surrounded with bountiful lakes where you can fish rainbow trout and brown trout. Although you can’t simply settle a tent in the nearest spot, you’ll be able to find a preferable one with the help of a local.

Wine Tasting

Activities You Should Never Miss Out On: Queenstown

You’ll be surprised how precious a bottle of wine is in New Zealand. You can even book a tour in the best wineries in Queenstown. Sip and learn, sip and indulge. Some tours would take 3 hours with more than 10 wine tastings. If you’re into that calm trip where you’d get a sip of the best wines in NZ, then Altitude can help you out.

Queenstown is the adventure capital of the world. You’d probably find an activity you can immerse in, the moment you step out of the plane.

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