Is A Popping Out Belly Button A Healthy Situation?

Is A Popping Out Belly Button A Healthy Situation?

One of the questions which most first time mothers are frequented is when will the pregnant belly button pop out. If  it is going to happen, when it will emerge. On the other side of the coin what happens if the belly button does not pop out. Would the mothers be worried! Let us find answers to the following questions.

The main reason on why the belly button protruding during pregnancy is because the uterus is known to push the abdomen forward. The pressurewhich the abdomen is known to push the belly button forward and in some cases protrude as well. The uterus is in an expanding mode at around week 26 which is pushed forward. But in case of some women who tend to be outie or skinny this is going to happen in the second trimester of your pregnancy as well. This is that stage where a pregnant woman tends to discover that they are having a popped out belly button.

There is nothing to be done at this stage because a popped up belly button is both harmless and inevitable. It cannot be avoided at any point. This is whether you had an outie or an inverted button to begin with. Just take into consideration that in a few months it is going to return back to the normal self after pregnancy, though it may look a lot lived in or stretched as well. It is a badge of authority that you can go on to flaunt in a proud manner

What happens if your belly button does not pop out! There is no reason to worry as many women have not had their belly button popped out and this is considered to be an absolute normal situation. One thing that you need to understand is that there exists no relation between the gender of the baby and a popped up belly button.

The thing that you would need to be aware is that a popped up belly button does lead to an umbilical hernia. In case of some women there is a hole or defect in the wall of their abdomen and this is long before pregnancy as well. When you are pregnant or there is excess amount of weight gain the weak area of the abdominal wall forces the hernia to become evident. The hole tends to become so large that the tissue cannot pass through, this is the stage where the hernia tends to be noticeable and a bulge is seen around the umbilical area. The best course of action in this regard is that you go on to wait to repair the umbilical area that you longer become pregnant. But if you allow the hernia to become incarnated, it would mean that the tissue remains trapped in the defective area and there is no other option left rather than being part of the surgery.

On all counts it is better to seek the opinion of your doctor if you are planning for a surgery.

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