What To Rent For A Retirement Party

After many long years of working, and it is time to retire, we all know the first thing on your mind. Lets have a party. But what sort of things do you need for a retirement party, and what should you rent? This article is going to help you figure out what you will need to rent to keep your party financially feasible.

The first thing you need to consider is a venue. You will want this to be a BIG place, because you don’t retire every day. Try to rent a location that can hold more people than you are planning on. People will show up for an important party like this. They will also accept your invitation last minute, or just show up without letting you know ahead of time. Plus one’s will become plus fives as they bring family, friends, and extra coworkers who want to send you off in style. Whether you want to have a low-key, dinner oriented retirement party, or even a themed or dance oriented party, you need to make sure the venue you rent can accommodate your plans.

Now that you have your venue, you need to fill it! Go rent some chairs and tables to spread across your venue. For a dinner party, you will again want to make sure to accommodate more people than you initially expected. Better more than less! But, if you wanted to have a buffet style, you can order less, but still try to have enough chairs that people can use them when they are feeling the need to sit down.

You may also want to rent dishes. Dependent on your budget, and seeing how important of an event this is, you may want to rent dishes. This can include buffet platters, cake dishes, entree dishes, and of course personal plates, bowls, and silverware. Also remember, some people will go back and get more food a number of times, and will change their plate every time. And don’t forget about the champagne glasses, no retirement party is complete without toasting bubbles to the retiree.

But that raises the question, how can you have a good toast without a podium? A place for your closest of teammates, and for your proud family members to go stand and give light hearted speeches that may embarrass you. As long as the rest of your decor is light hearted, a podium won’t make the event to formal, and it will give people the confidence they need to stand up and speak to the party about you.

The last thing you may want to look into is entertainment. Many of your colleagues are going to bring their children along (this is the plus five we talked about earlier), and at retirement age, you really do not want to have to keep track of all the children and the insane amount of energy they are building up by trying to behave while eating your desserts. So maybe you rent a bouncy house or a clown to pass out balloons. Or maybe you just don’t have too many ideas on how to keep the party interesting, and it’s your party anyways, you should be relaxing.

Whatever it is you end up doing for your retirement party, remember to set a budget. Don’t get caught coming out of retirement because you partied a little too hard. Remember, this is your time to calm down and relax for the rest of your life, so you can have a party of whatever size you want, even if its just family.

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