Is It Possible To Recycle Silo Bags And Plastic Firms?

Is It Possible To Recycle Silo Bags And Plastic Firms?

Plastic firms are widely used for silo bags, bale wraps, bunker covers, and horticultural mulch. Managing bulk dirty plastic sheets is a costly affair and bring major headache. Land filling was the only legal disposal option for most farmers, but today, storage silos for plastic have made the things easy for both the environment and farmers.

In some cases, plastic processors offer on-farm pickup services of silo bags to initiate simple recycling. Some processors or counties are there that may need to manage plastic in certain ways and provided at certain times of the year. In order to determine the available options and related requirements in your local, you can contact land conservation department or solid waste/ recycling department offices.

How farmers can manage used plastic firms efficiently?

Here is the step-by-step approach that farmers can consider to manage used plastic firms in most efficient way-

  1. Minimize plastic waste – Reduce plastic waste by buying the correct size of silo bag or silage cover as per your requirement.
  2. Minimize contamination of plastic – locating silo bags on asphalt pads or concrete helps keep bags clean. This allows easy recycling of plastic bags. A gravel base is less expensive, but debris and grit can adhere to plastic. Bases of soil are responsible for plastic contamination at great extent. It is better to use higher elevation sites having good drainage for such scenarios. Do not remove silage when soils are wet. If plastic gets dirty, let it dry and later shake it using bucket loader to remove dirt. This will give you recyclable plastic.
  3. Do not accumulate plastic firms for longer time in silos – remove silage firms from top after every three days at a time maximizes silage protection and keep the plastic sheets size small that you can handle easily.
  4. Cut plastic to keep it manageable – for silo bags located on soil, you need to separate the top plastic from bottom one by cutting the plastic to four inches above ground.
  5. Keep stored plastic secure and dry – remove all debris and dirt from plastic and then bundle it by rolling or tying with plastic sheet strip.

You can use storage silos for plastic to store cleaned plastic. For queries about storage silos, contact your nearest supplier today.

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