Waste Management Methods That Are Eco-friendly

Waste management is an issue that has become a concern for mankind. No matter where you live on this earth, you will have to spare a thought about the most efficient and environment friendly ways of waste disposal. The concern keeps on growing with each passing day as the climatic changes resulting from environmental abuse reaches its pinnacle and takes huge toll on our lives. Gone are the days when mindless landfills used to the known way of disposing waste. In those days it was felt that keeping the waste dumped away at distant places was good and safe for human living. But the huge impact that landfills had on the environment, soil and water gradually came to the surface   and people started realizing how damaging the effects of landfills could be on our lives. This paved the way for discovering more advanced and sophisticated methods of waste management that are environment friendly and facilitates healthy living.

Landfills – The Oldest Method

The advent of the modern methods of waste management opened up huge prospects for business and Fred B Barbara trucking company that is well known for its acumen of investing latched on to the opportunity. According to the experts of the company, it will be a mistake to think that the new methods have completely replaced the age old concept landfills. Even today, landfills are used for waste management but are done with a different approach so that the adverse effects on the environment that arise from it can be restricted to very low levels, if not eradicated completely. Since this is the most cost effective way to manage wastes, it is still practiced but with considerable restraint. Waste materials that make its way for landfills are spread in layers inside the soil and then covered with clean earth. Subsequent layers are piled one upon it and when the site is filled up, new sites are chosen.  In this method, bio-degradable materials in the waste gradually transform into the elements of soil and get mixed with it.

Chemical Neutralization of Waste

There are some waste materials that are not suitable for landfills and can neither be recycled. Such materials cannot be disintegrated in the form that they exist and have to be subjected to some other kinds of treatments to neutralize its harmful effects prior to disposal. This is usually applicable for chemicals that are treated with other chemicals that are capable of neutralizing its harmful properties after which it can be drained or spread on the soil for absorption.


For items that cannot be disposed by any other means there is no way but to destroy it completely. This is effected by burning the items in a closed and controlled environment so that the resultant smoke and emissions are neutralized in the system before releasing it to the outside air. This method is known as incineration.


This is the most widely accepted method of waste management practiced by Fred B Barbara trucking company that also relies on landfills done with adequate care and precaution.

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