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One thing that people may miss about not living in India anymore is the inability to watch Hindi movies at one’s leisure.

Although the Bollywood and Hindi movie making industry is one is the biggest film producing industries in the world, it is not always so easy to access these films outside of the country they are made in.

Yuppflix, however, takes away that problem with a movie service which allows non-resident Indians to connect back to the entertainment industry in their home countries.

Yuppflix is a product of YuppTV, which is a content provider for South Asian content and has served Indian residents living abroad for many years by offering them entertainment programs and shows to watch at their leisure.

Like other recognizable film and entertainment services, Yuppflix is a subscription service where users can pay a monthly fee to enjoy the films supplied on the service.

Yuppflix offers a wide range of regional films, delivering Tamil, Bengali, Punjabi and Hindi movies, as well as many more.

There are also a wide selection of genre options depending on the viewers’ mood and preferences. Varying from comedy, action and romantic films, there is an endless choice of movies to watch from many different genres.

Non-resident Indian viewers need not worry about missing out on latest releases. Living abroad in a country that does not show the latest Hindi movies in the cinemas, some Indians living abroad suffer the problem of there being a long wait for the film to be released on DVD before they can finally enjoy what their relatives have already seen. However, Yuppflix has a decent range of recently released movies for those who cannot get to a cinema to watch them. Of course, it is not released at the same time, but it is fast enough. These films are very entertaining in every aspect to their viewers.

This is great for made-for-TV movies and previous releases that may have been missed. Through this category, viewers can access many of the Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, and Hindi movies.

With a free trial available, it is worth the try just to see if you do not find something to watch and enjoy. With such a large selection, it is impossible to not be entertained for hours and always find more to watch when you use Yuppflix.

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