How To Stay Gluten-Free When Eating Out?

How To Stay Gluten-Free When Eating Out?

Staying gluten-free is hard enough at home where everyone knows the rules! Many people on gluten-free diets avoid restaurants altogether because they don’t want to take the risk. After all, it only takes a very small amount of flour or another gluten-containing food to trigger a reaction. However, eating out can be a pleasant experience for everyone if you choose the right restaurant and take the time to explain your situation.

Choose the Right Location

Most fast food restaurants aren’t good choices for eating gluten-free because the staff is rushed and doesn’t have the time to thoroughly check the foods they’re serving. They also have more limited options of what to serve you, since it’s all pre-prepared. Sit-down restaurants offer you more flexibility, since they prepare food made from scratch in Duluth, GA, and can choose what goes into it (and what doesn’t go in!)

Avoid Rush Hour

Rush hour at any restaurant can get pretty hectic. Unfortunately, this can lead to mistakes or miscommunication between yourself, the server, and the chef. Since you’ll need the full cooperation of the staff to ensure you get served the right meal, plan to avoid the busy times so your server can devote more of their time to your needs.

Call Ahead

If you’re sensitive to gluten, call ahead to the restaurant where you’ll be eating to explain your situation. Nowadays, many restaurants are familiar with gluten intolerance, but it doesn’t hurt to check. Explain what foods you can and can’t have and ask if they can accommodate you. Ask to speak directly to the chef, since only he or she will know exactly what’s going into your made from scratch food in Duluth, GA.

Avoid Cross-Contamination

If you have gluten sensitivity, you’re probably already aware of the risks of cross-contamination, but workers in a restaurant might not be. Make sure they know that you need your meal prepared on clean surfaces that haven’t been used on breaded items. Cutting boards, fryers, and utensils should all be cleaned before use to remove any flour particles sticking to their surfaces.

Get Help from Your Server

Good communication with your server is essential to eating out successfully. Explain your restrictions when you’re seated and ask for their help. A friendly attitude can go a long way! Many people find it convenient to carry cards with a full list of restricted items that can be given to the chef. This way he or she can know exactly what to avoid when preparing your food made from scratch in Duluth, GA.

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