Kampung Arab Accommodation That Location Is Near

When you are visiting Kampung Arab that is located in Bali Indonesia, you will surely need to find the best accommodations while you are staying there. That is because the Kampung Arab accommodation is one important thing that will help you get the best travel experience to this Middle Eastern style shopping district in Bali. Basically, there are a lot of nice accommodations that you can find in Bali, especially in Denpasar. The main reason is because this city is considered as one main city where you can find a lot of things and that reason too is the reason why there are a lot of accommodations that you can find in here. If you are looking for the best accommodations that are close to the main site of Kampung Arab, you will need to try some of these options below.

  • The first one is Grand Pondok Puri Ayu. This hotel can be considered as one of the best hotels that you can find near Kampung Arab. That is because the location of this hotel is just about 500 meters from the main site of Kampung Arab. As an addition to that, the facilities and amnesties that you can get from this hotel are good enough. Therefore, spending about 25 dollars a night will not be a problem at all since you can surely say that the price is affordable enough for the nice services that you will get.
  • The next one is Taman Suci Hotel. This hotel is located near the first one and you will only need to walk about ten minutes if you want to go to this affordable accommodation in Kampung Arab. Even though the location of this hotel is not that far from Kampung Arab main site, the starting room rate of this hotel is a little bit higher. You will need to spend about 27 dollars a night for a room on this hotel. Fortunately, the services and amnesties are good enough.
  • The last one is Hotel Catur Adi Putra. This hotel might be a little bit far since you will need to walk about 15 minutes to the longest distance of 700 meters. The starting room rate is also slightly higher, about 32 dollars a night. However, you can make sure that the price is worth the services and the views that you will get on this hotel. That is because nature and old school theme are two things that you will get from this hotel.

Those are some nice options that you can try if you are looking for the nice accommodations in Kampung Arab. Basically, there are a lot of hotels that you can find in Denpasar, but unfortunately, not all of those hotels are close enough to the main site of Kampung Arab. Therefore, if you are looking for the closest accommodations in Kampung Arab, those options that you can find above can be considered as the best options that you can try. As an addition, the starting room rate is still affordable enough.

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