Top Wineries in Australia

Top Wineries in Australia

As you prepare for the road trip of a lifetime in a cheap campervan hire to explore all the beautiful destinations in Australia, we want to add something to your itinerary. A little-known fact about Australia is that it is home to many wineries and vineyards that not only offer you beautiful views, but will also offer you some of the best wines that you have ever tasted.

While you may have thought Italy was the wino trip that you would want to take, you may want to rethink your planning. These following 5 wineries are our favorites and Australia’s most visited:

  • De Bortoli

De Bortoli is well-known in Australia for their excellent Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, with of course other tasty wines to try. With their three vineyard estates, you will have plenty to explore while in the Yarra Valley area. Go ahead and visit the vineyards with some space in your belly for the perfect pairing of mature cheeses and classic wines.

  • Jacob’s Creek

Jacob’s Creek is one of Australia’s largest wineries with plenty of tasty wines to choose from. With more than 160 years in the wine industry, you can rest assured that they deserve recognition as being one of the best in Australia. Located in Barossa Valley, you will not only enjoy great wines but also be able to enjoy the views of the country side. It’s the perfect destination for a pleasant wine tasting experience.

  • Montalto Vineyard

Located in the Mornington Peninsula, a trip to the Montalto Vineyard will be a rewarding one. As you explore the area and all that there is to do, you can add a visit to one of Australia’s best wineries to your list. A tip: Visit Montalto with an empty stomach and enjoy a gourmet meal paired with a delicious Montalto wine. It’s worth it!

  • Lancaster Wines

Perth has many wonderful things to offer its visitors, but one of the best gifts it gives Australia is Lancaster Wines. An old vineyard, the wines from these vines are both delightful and delicious. Whether you visit for a tour of the vineyards, a wine tasting event, or simply to pick up a bottle of Lancaster wine, a visit to Lancaster Wines will be time well-spent.

  • Audrey Wilkinson Winery

Located in Hunter Valley-a popular area for vineyards-Audrey Wilkinson Winery is world famous. Whether it’s for the amazing wines that it produces or for the beauty of the vineyard, this winery continuously sees a plethora of visitors. It even includes a guesthouse, if you want to stay among the vines and do we dare say, the wines?

Enjoy a gourmet meal, a glass or two of wine, and off to bed you go. Don’t worry, tomorrow you can repeat the experience all over again. There is plenty to explore in the Hunter Valley countryside.

As you can see, Australia is home to many wineries that are known for some of the best Australian wines. A road trip to Australia’s most famous vineyard valleys is one of the most delightful ideas and is most certainly, one that will not disappoint.

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