Mumbai Meri Jaan! The Lifestyle Of People In Mumbai

Mumbai Meri Jaan! The Lifestyle Of People In Mumbai

India is home to all kinds of cities. There are the quaint ones which you find on the map but don’t hear much about or the ones that are in news everyday or even the ones that are famous destinations for all kinds of holidays. All cities have a charm of their own. Some leave strong impressions and some just fade away. Mumbai is one city that not just leaves an impression but makes a place in the heart of every visitor. I visited Mumbai almost a decade ago. I still have fond memories of my time there. In the last one decade my travel on job introduced various cities to me but Mumbai is one of my all time favorites.

The sheer spirit of Mumbai gets to me. The city never sleeps. It is home for rich and poor alike. One can buy food for a couple of thousands and even a couple of rupees. The way the city bounces back to life in a short span right after heavy rains or any other emergency simply amazes me. I call it the Mumbai spirit. For me, this is what makes Mumbai what it is today.

Mumbai also offers a fare in food that is unbeatable. Elite restaurants to road side food joints or even the chowpati chat bandis they all offer some really delicious items. Ordering food in Mumbai is a tough job only because there is so much to choose from. It can get a little mind boggling at times to pick the right place to eat or even the dish that you want to start off with.

Mumbai is one city that has got food delivery right even before we knew it the way it is today. The famous dabbawallah’s of Mumbai have been around for a long time. The precision with which they deliver on dot every time has been the stuff for case studies in many management schools. I am sure there are amazing lessons to learn from these simple dhoti clad Gandhi topi wearing smiling food delivery agents. The current day order food in Mumbai scene can definitely pick up a couple of lessons from them.

Another amazing fact about Mumbai is the local train system. It is called the lifeline of Mumbai and truly so! In my personal humble opinion, it gets the city going. It practically runs the city. For a tourist visiting Mumbai for the first time, Mumbai local is a must try experience. Just the process of boarding one, travelling and arriving at a destination is a lifelong memory. The Mumbai local is used for all kinds of activities by all kinds of people. I have been told that when orders food in Mumbai, some of the delivery agents use the local as it is faster than going by road.

Mumbai has great places to shop from on a shoe string budget. One can easily look absolutely fab in budgets less than a few hundreds. You can practically purchase everything right from a hair pin to a helicopter!! Well, the helicopter bit I am not sure but everything in between can be bought in Mumbai.

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