Top Health Benefits Of A Sailing Holiday

Top Health Benefits Of A Sailing Holiday

The health conscious amongst us will know that a holiday isn’t an excuse to pile back on all those pounds that you fought so hard to lose. However, we also know that it’s difficult not to do exactly that, with all the nice food and wine on offer. The solution, of course, is to choose a holiday where you can enjoy all the nice foods and wines of the region, without having to worry about putting on weight!

Here are some of the top health benefits of that dream sailing holiday


So, you’re on holiday – eating, drinking and lounging on a sunbed by the sea. Does that sound lazy and unhealthy? Not if you’re doing it on a yacht. The daily tasks of sailing a yacht mean that for a large amount of the time, you’ll be moving about much more than you would on your average beach holiday, so you’ll be able to enjoy those lazy moments without feeling guilty. You’ll also be able to spend more time doing adventurous activities like swimming, snorkeling and exploring, than you would if you were based in just one location.

Swimming in the Mediterranean

Picture the warm, azure blue, crystal clear waters of the Med, with a beautiful yacht cutting through them, then dropping the anchor to allow you all to jump in and lazily swim and snorkel around yet another stunning bay. We all know that swimming is great exercise, but swimming in the sea has far more health benefits than you realise.

Firstly, it’s a great exfoliator, as the salt water actively removes dead skin cells and the sandy bottom is great for your feet too. Secondly, it removes toxins from the skin and replaces them with healthy minerals. In fact, top health clubs in London actually import Sicilian sea water, to allow their members to bathe in it!

Parting from Technology

We all know how stressful it is to deal with the daily monotony of work phone calls and emails. We also know that dealing with these technological interruptions can quickly lead to serious burn out, which further leads to poor productivity and higher stress levels. So, the current trend amongst many people is to find an internet-free holiday destination, where they can relax and not be disturbed by those irritating calls and emails. Well, sailing holidays in Greece could be just what the doctor ordered. Whilst some of the yachts do come with Wi-Fias standard, we reckon that the beauty and incredible scenery of each island you visit will encourage you to leave your tablet, phone and laptop below deck, so that you can remain relaxed and undisturbed all day long.

So, as you can see, sailing holidays really do have something to offer the health-conscious holidaymaker. From being more active by undertaking daily yacht chores, to swimming in the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean, and leaving those irritating technological devices behind, sailing holidays in Greece truly are the best thing for you.

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