8 Cocktail Dress Ideas For Women

Women attires include many varieties for different occasions. Indian cocktail parties are an intimate mixture of eastern tradition with western style and while considering designs for cocktail dresses all types of dresses have to be taken into account.

Cocktail dresses are meant to be worn in semi-formal cocktail parties for wedding, reception, social meeting or for typical corporate evenings. Whatever may be the occasion; these dresses are worn with simple accessories to look casual but attractive.

You can wear many varieties of dresses for attending a cocktail party, but the design for cocktail dress should be able to unfold your beauty and charm to the fullest extent. There are many ideas available. You have to choose one that works well on your body type and the way you wish to be presented.

Here are 8 cocktail dress ideas for the modern ladies who are looking for some inspiration. Check this and enjoy!

  1. Wear a fusion outfit

Fusion outfits are great for cocktail parties. Most of the Bollywood celebrities are patronizing this. This is actually a ready-to-wear gown that delivers the look of a Sari. There are many designs and color options. You can be bold with a deep neckline or may prefer to cover you up. Wearing this you will make many heads turning around.

  1. Look trendy with dhoti sari

This is also one of the most recent designs of cocktail dresses if you want to look cool flaunting your style in a traditional way. With its bold and stylish design this is definitely a trendsetting idea that will make to stand out from gathering.

  1. Go short and glamorous

When cocktails give you the opportunity for flaunting the beauty of the brides-to-be; why not go smart with a short dress that imparts a glamorous look? This can be anything from medium length to short length but be sure that it fits your body type. These come in many designs and styles to showcase your beauty.

  1. Wear a strapless cocktail dress

Nothing can match the beauty of the strapless cocktail dress with alluring neckline these help to showcase your charming collarbones. When you get one of these with intricate design and style, it enhances your feminine beauty to the next level with a sexy appearance.

  1. Go mod with one shoulder

Choosing a one shoulder design for cocktail dress is the right option if you want to look like a bohemian princess. These delicate high and low skirts will make you appear as if flying among the guests. The best thing with this dress is that, women of all body types can look equally beautiful into this.

  1. Be seductive with backless

Backless or low-back dress is the most favorite attire of the brides-to-be. If you want to show off a part of your skin for being seductive, nothing can be better than a backless gown. This will do the talking for you and is sure to impress everyone in the party.

  1. Cover you up

With the winter in full swing, you may prefer to have a style that will also keep you warm while without preventing you to be fashionable. Get a jacket with rich fabrics like silk or velvet or embellished with embroidery while choosing designs for cocktail dresses. A matching jacket will definitely enhance your presence.

  1. Don’t forget the traditional

Although cocktail dresses tend to be out of the traditional themes and inclines towards western types, you can always stick to a traditional outfit for presenting you among the guests. There are many varieties to choose from, and these will definitely shine you up and add to your personality.

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