Famous Fishing Spots In Dubai That You Will Adore For The Rest Of Your Life

No matter what you call this city, a tourist spot, or a business hub, it has attracted millions of people across the world with its charm. Yeah, you got that right. This city is called Dubai. It has just grabbed the eyeballs of millions for its infrastructure, charming locations, advanced malls, and a lot of other things.

Fishing in the deep sea is one of the most desirable attractions there due to its great sea front. Whether you are fond of fishing or not, the pleasing weather and the calm sea will definitely make you fall for fishing too.

Dubai is one of the most attractive and popular hub for fishing with over 500 distinct species of fish. It is enriched with many destinations with different fishing spots that have plentiful marine life.

Fishing enthusiasts find great joy and thrill in fish hunting challenge. So, here are some important things to consider if you too are planning for fishing in this amazing place.

Where to Start?

In Dubai, there are just numerous fishing charters. However, finding a right one for deep sea fishing Dubai is all you need to take care about. Asking for recommendations from the hotels or other people is good, but completely relying on their advice cannot be a good idea.

An online search may also prove to be helpful, but it may be possible that they come up with hidden charges that you may regret for later on. So, here is a complete list of all the famous and reliable fishing spots where you can enjoy fishing and cherish those moments for your whole life.

Some Famous Fishing Spots that you Just can’t Afford to Ignore

Firstly, the place called Al- Garhoud Bridge is one of the most desirable locations for fishing. This site is not only comfortable and decent, but is also teeming with fish. All you need to do is to drive your vehicle near the Al Boom tourist village and you are all set to reach the place in couple of seconds.

Next fishing spot is Creek Park. Well, this place can be better if you want to rest or sit and have some food or drink along with fishing. There are many stores around this place from where you can buy edible stuffs.

Another well-known place in the list is Al-Maktoum Bridge. This place gets very busy, especially in the weekends. In order to reach there, you need to drive your vehicle to the Dubai courts and park it inside the parking place. After that, just walk around for 5 minutes to reach this bridge.

The Jumeirah beach is also a quite popular fishing spot. It is rocky, but have plentiful of Sultan Ibrahims and barracudas. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you may even see stingrays swimming around. However, this place can be slippery, so take special care while fishing there.

The biggest of the fishes can be found in deep sea. So, you can hire a professional fishing company that can lead you in the enchanting Dubai waters. After all, you will get a bundle of choices for fishing in that deep blue sea. All the best!

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