How To Make Your Website Stand Out From Your Competitor’s

How To Make Your Website Stand Out From Your Competitor’s

With over a billion websites available to read, scroll through and buy things from, it’s no wonder that those wishing to make sure that their site stands out have to look at as many options as possible. The drive to be both unique and memorable should be a major focus, whether you’re running a website for your business or simply for your regular blog updates. With so many sites clamoring for attention, the techniques for growing your website and making sure that it can be found easily, are some of the most basic. So before you decide to go for a complete overhaul of your existing site, consider some of these tips in your search for the website that does the hard work for you.

Make it an Extension of you

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing about a new product that your business supplies or you’re cataloging your collection of garden gnomes, the simple fact is that your website needs to reflect the personality that you want to portray online. For businesses, this means managing your brand and making sure that every article and comment reply are in the same tone of voice and style. This personalization will make people see you less as an anonymous web page, and instead view your website as a distinct entity. For those that need repeat visitors to their comedy food blog, you need to make your personality shine in order to attract new visitors as well as new ones.

Add those Links!

Never underestimate the power of your social media profiles. Every page on your site should have link buttons to whichever social media you have opted to prioritize. So if your Twitter account is the one you use the most, then you need website visitors to easily find your link button no matter which page they’re on at the time. If you prefer making posts and enjoying conversations on Facebook or Instagram, then make sure your visitors can find that information, whether they’re reading an updated article or browsing their shopping cart.

Your Content Matters

You need to keep your audience engaged, and so your content needs to be entertaining and informative. Original content is key, and will also improve your Google rankings, making it easier for your website to be found by new users. Content needs to be uploaded on a regular basis, which will make return users more likely to keep visiting. Fresh content can also be used to incorporate internal links, driving visitors to alternate pages on your website. If you’re looking for American or UK link building advice to improve your SEO, there are plenty of resources available. Fresh content is vital, and can also give you something new to share on your social pages. This also drives traffic to your site, giving you the maximum reach. The more reach, the more fresh views, and learning the basics of SEO will be nothing but beneficial.

The importance of having a website that is a representation of your branding or personality is not to be underestimated. For businesses, global online sales increase annually, so it is more important than ever that you take a fresh look at your website and make sure that it is doing all that you and your customers need.

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