Few Best Venice Canal Boat Cruise Tours

You must have surely seen any postcard with picture-perfect scenery of Grand Canal-of-Venice and end up concluding yourself that it must surely be a painting. However, Grand Canal’s picturesque beauty really exists. This bustling canal never remains idle. You can have water crafts that are shuttling people during oddest of hours of the day, as there is no other way to move around this Floating-City.

If you ever happen to go by cruise around this Grand Canal during sunset, you are really in for a grand soulful treat. There are few best ways you can cruise the grand canal.

  1. Grand Canal Gondola Cruise – A Romantic Dinner And Quality Time Assured
  2. Enjoy a traditional music on a Gondola-ride on this Grand Canal and get into this windy Venetian canal while you go for the cruise.
  3. Explore parts of this Grand Canal and many other hidden canals that are under the magical sky during evening.
  4. Savour genuine Italian cuisine along with fresh sea food and few local delicacies at any fine dine restaurant.
  5. Look at various important landmarks e.g. the Accademia Bridge, St Mark’s Basilica La Fen ice theatre and many more while you are traversing the Grand-Canal.
  6. Get transported without any noise or rush of vehicular traffic, where there is only the sounds of water and voice of people who are enjoying their evenings.
  7. Grand-Canal-Gondola Ride with Serenade
  8. With this ride, you get the opportunity to explore the life-line of Venice which are various canals that has helped to turn Venice into a great economic and cultural power house. The status of the city has thus been elevated to ‘La Dominant’.
  9. You can enjoy half an hour of delightful cruise on the Grand-Canal with the gondolier and the guide will enlighten you with lore’s, stories and facts about the yore.
  10. For children those who are below 2 years entry is free, under the condition that the child will not occupy any seat. If any child is over 2 years of the age then you have to pay for full ticket.
  11. Grand Canal-Gondola Ride with Audio Guide
  12. Enjoy the magnificence of Venice with the help of its canals in this iconic gondola with skip-the-line tickets for a 30-minute shared ride of gondola.
  13. You can explore the waterways of Venice and all the well-known parts of this Grand Canal that includes the Peggy-Guggenheim Collection, Mozart’s House and Desdemona’s House.
  14. Submerge yourself in the magnificence of Venice and absorb its vibrant history by using the handy app with multilingual audio guide.

What are the few important attractions during the Grand Canal cruise

Following are the list of five attractions that you can see along Grand-Canal which you just cannot miss.

  1. Santa-Maria Della Saluta

The monumental Santa-Maria Della Saluta, is the most remarkable structure on this Grand-Canal. This church was erected as an offering for the deliverance of the city from the outbreak of plague in 1630.

  1. Peggy Guggenheim Collection

This modern art museum is a palace built in 18th-century, and for about 30 years it was home of American-heiress called Peggy Guggenheim.

  1. Palazzo Corner della-Ca’ Grand

Located just opposite to Peggy Guggenheim’s Collection, is a fine sample of Renaissance-architecture. This Corner della-Ca’ Grande was built by an Italian master sculptor called Jacopo Sansovino in 1545.

  1. Ca’ d’Oro

This gold house is a masterpiece that houses a museum that shows the lives of Venetian Nobles of middle ages times.

  1. San Stae

This church was constructed in 1678, in the figure of a Greek-Cross and what you see from this Grand-Canal was built after 30 years of its original construction.

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